Tripp Ali Has Pulled The Plug on “Tex Brown” and Signal 23 TV

tripp ali is another acting wolf who is over signal 23 tv.
there must be something in the water over there.
as you know,
i was posting his explicit sex scenes on his web series,
“tex brown”.
the foxhole was allowing it.
well that’s over.
tripp announced he isn’t doing “tex brown” any longer,
or even working with signal 23 tv,

a vix-bi alerted me on what he posted on his ig

i guess rico pruitt was onto something.
i can hear the battery being plugged into his back as we speak.

i know the best actors do research for their roles all the time.
halle berry,
for example,
spent some days in a crack house for her role in “jungle fever”.
they aren’t told to do that.
that is personal choice.
i kept fonting that “tex brown” was a scripted porno.
i’m sure it had a story line…

…but how many times did I need to jack off to get there?

the sex scenes were od long and extra explicit.
it took away from the actual point.
a web series should have about 2 or 3 good smash scenes.
it should be a slow build to get there as the storyline progresses.

from all the alleged claims we have heard about signal 23 tv,
i’m starting to believe they aren’t legit.
if the alleged accusations are true,
good for tripp to cut ties and move on.
clearly he didn’t sign a contract to just bounce like that.
rico had a similar exit as well.
no need in being somewhere that will exploit you.
i wish him well!

lowkey: “jack’d” all day tho?
some of us really need to do better.
i might have to pull tripp into my foxhole for an interview.
let’s talk!

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10 thoughts on “Tripp Ali Has Pulled The Plug on “Tex Brown” and Signal 23 TV

  1. It’s the same old story. When the series became successful, the star (Tripp Ali) wanted a piece of the pie and Signal 23 wasn’t willing to share (or was only willing to share a morsel).

    1. Another degenerate who will rot in hell. Move over why are you even reading an article about a black gay web series? Take several seats.

  2. when most of your actors are leaving and the comments are similar it’s not because of them it’s the signal23 folks. This probably why I watch them on myvidster/pornhub and etc. (I’m trying to get into climax, about him s2 & the other show but they just aren’t hooking me.)

    I think the show was decent I enjoyed the storyline at moments but then some moments I felt it was boring and not good. The sex scenes were distractions as well.

    Anyways good for him I hope to see him in another series, maybe with less sex and more actual acting.

  3. I don’t think they treating they actors fairly. Like they may feed them a glass hope of gaining ground in the industry and is just exploiting them with mediocre acting and raunchy sex scenes. Tripp has shown a lot. At least we know he’s a very dedicated and unafraid actor and writer.

    Maybe the problem is the actors as well…Idk but something no is goin on.

  4. If he is worried about his brand and his image, it may already he tarnished. He literally received oral sex on camera for a web series. I’m just confused as to what his breaking point was. I would love to read that interview Jamari!

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