I’m Feeling An “Insecure” Comeback

it’s that time again.
it came fast too.
shocked the fuck outta me.
one of the best shows i’ve watched,
hbo’s “insecure”,
will make it’s 2nd season comeback on july 23rd.
issa released this promo trailer on her twitter for our review…

first of all,
i love issa rae.
i love love love issa.
she is such an inspiration for me.
i’m so excited for the return of this show.
i got into it so late,
but i’m glad that i did.
that epic revenge sex scene with lawrence at the end had so many talking.

vixens were legit hurt.
wolves were hi-5’in each other like he scored a touch down.
i must have re-winded it like 24 times.
he was legit fuckin’ the shit out of tasha.

i cannot wait to see how that ends up.
that scene made this divide between the sexes that led to great discussions.
we need that with good tv.
it inspires.
so i’ll be there on july 23rd.
i bet you’ll be there too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I’m Feeling An “Insecure” Comeback”

  1. That Lawrence scene is a permanent addition to my spank bank. That was hot!!! I need more like that in the new season.

  2. I saw the his this morning while I was getting ready for work and was pumped to actually start my day.
    I’m ready for its return I need a good show to return to. I think when it comes backs I’ll do hbo go free month trail and pay another month so I can support.

    P.S. That sex scene was great because it didn’t seemed acted or fake like most on tv do. It unapologetically black and sexy .

  3. That was a ride. and hot chocolate has some cakes on em. “Blue” gon forever be “Blue” LOLOL

  4. Daniel is so fine to me!!! I hope he’s in season 2 since he’s in the teaser. I’m salty the actor isn’t on social media… (At least as far as I know)

  5. Baby Lawrence and that cute chocolate booty of his…I wish we could get a GAY BLACK show like this…Ugghhh….😥

  6. So, I dont have HBO anymore. lol But, I recorded like all the eps for Insecure except for the season finale for the 1st season. Therefore, I havent watched any of the other shows. Im hoping them bitches at DTV do a free weekend, with an Insecure marathon before the new season starts. lol I want to see what the hoopla is about.

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