The Face of Evil Isn’t Always Who You Think It Is

i exhaled,
but i already knew what the deal was yesterday.
when the news says:


you kinda already know what kind of the evil the shooter would be…

it is always someone that they don’t target.
it would be someone who slips underneath their radar.
usually one who wears their own fur.
so when i saw that this snow jackal:

james hodgkinson,
was the one who allegedly shot up those republicans at a baseball game,
i think we all already knew.
i knew they would all start to turn on each other eventually.
once that orange hyena got in that white house,
and started fuckin’ shit up,
some of them would unravel.

he was actually in that political world already.
john actually worked on the bernie sanders campaign.
so his crazy was un-detected.

( x check his twitter )

the ironic part is that one of the repubs who was shot,
steve scalise,
and who is an alleged racist,
made it easier for those who live out of state to get guns with his legislation.
it made it easier for those to get guns who can’t/shouldn’t.

life doesn’t make this shit up.

on a positive note,
the black wolf who shot the shooter is fine:

his name is david bailey and he is a us capitol police officer.
he was shot,
but he still managed to save everyone.
as always.

well i hope everyone pulls through.
if any of those repubs die,
the narrative will somehow change to the victims being heroes.
they’ll get a funeral on every channel.
a parade.
what will get swept under the rug tho?
no one wants to admit they all made dumb ass choices.
i’m afraid more will continue to happen before then.

6 thoughts on “The Face of Evil Isn’t Always Who You Think It Is

  1. I hate that people were injured behind this foolishness, but whenever it comes on the TV I turn the channel.
    I don’t mean to sound cruel, but I could give two fucks that someone from Congress got shot. The irony of the situation, dude that was shot didn’t give a damn about gun control laws. I bet you his ass will be front and center for the battle now! People generally don’t give a damn until the situation hits home.
    Terrorists are every color except white is what they believe. I love when people prove them wrong. They magically forget about Timothy McVeigh and the Unabomber.

  2. thank you trump for your service . you really doing a fucking a great.
    this want be the last time we hear of this type of craziness

    1. ^nope because it seems a lot of drama is going on.
      this is just the beginning and i suggest everyone pay attention to their surroundings.
      mental illness is real.

      1. I say it all the time and people tell me I’m paranoid. Nah, I see that crap daily!

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