(don’t) send nudes

i think it’s so rude to send someone nudes who didn’t ask for it.
the other day,
one of ya’ll pissed off keith carlos with a dick pic in his snap box.
is that what you call it?
or is it “snap dm”?
whatever it is,
he was tite.
i can understand.
well today,
i got a random one in my texts.

so there is a wolf i’m cool with.
strictly platonic on my end.
on his end (literally):

…he is all on my tip.
i’ve told him that i’m not interested,
but of course,
he is still trying to shoot his shot.
just in me.

so today,
off random,
i see he sent me a text.
as soon as i open it:


it’s his rather short pipe all my screen.

i yelped.

“wtf is this????”

“oh my b!
i sent it to you by mistake.”

nah pineapple,
you didn’t.
he knows damn well he sent it to me on purpose.
i got him on ignore for now.
even though i don’t do nudes,
the proper nude etiquette is to at least ask first.
unless we are on that same page for “drive by dick pics”,
you shouldn’t be sending your shit out in hopes it sticks.


lowey: wtf he wanted me to say?

“oh your pipe is so nice and small!
i’d like that little fucker in my mouth!”

…the fuck?
pineapples today acting way too reckless.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “(don’t) send nudes”

  1. Feel free to nudes to me. I learned, over half a century ago, how to not look at what I didn’t want to see and keep it moving

  2. I feel for you Jamari. I have to get to know someone before I can even form sexual feelings for them. I honestly don’t want to see anyones nudes. If sexual feelings spark, lets FaceTime. Lol

  3. Lmao. This happened to me the other day. If you send me an unsolicited nude, PLEASE let it be something worth seeing. Those are welcome any day lol

    1. OKAY!! Because more than often the nudes are typically dissatisfying! Like shit, if you want to send nudes you better make sure it looks up to par!

  4. sooo are you mad he sent it or disappointed in the size of what was sent. I mean if it was impressive I might be willing to forgive..lol

  5. We live in a day and age where when you scroll on social media you never know what you are going to see based off how others feel that day and what they want to post. I see spiders on my time line all the time even though I have a serious case of arachniphobia. So getting a dick in your inbox to me personally isn’t that big of a deal. If I don’t wanna see it I don’t click it and I don’t give it the attention it clearly seeks. And Keith Carlos is a repressed homosexual. Off with his head chile.

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