Kleionne McDavid Has That Glow

a f-bi sent me kleionne mcdavid’s information a while ago.
i saved it as a “to post” so i wouldn’t forget.
i did,
as i had a lot going on,
but no time like the present!
well today,
the foxhole will meet kleionne and…

…can we talk about his hair and skin?!?!?
goals all the way.
he is also very handsome and looks exotic too.
kleionne is from trinidad and tobago,
and resides in new yawk.
you can tell he isn’t from america.
his whole inner and outer just glows too.
i’m guessing his career is modelling and dancing:

not bad!
keep it up kleionne.
i’ll allow everything about you.
i will need that skin and hair care regiment,
like yesterday,

 lowkey: i love he knows what colors to wear with his skin tone.
it helps enhance the glow.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Kleionne McDavid Has That Glow

  1. I was JUST about to ask where they make lips like that these days and then I read “Trinidad & Tobago” 🇹🇹 …of course lol… of. course.

  2. when I saw his fingers, I just knew he was from the islands. He kind of remind me of my old coworker but the difference is dude got swag.

  3. AND he’s trini too? I like him with the short cut the most. I do like that he’s very flexible (in more ways than one ;)) with his hairstyles. I’m here for him, a nice change of pace!

    S/N: I wouldn’t say his behaviour is “the norm” in either the islands or the Americas. The islands are pretty homophobic lol, despite whatever his sexuality is, those routines would get him a lot of flack from most caribbeans, though I don’t think Trinidad is as bad as Jamaica, but that’s from what I’ve heard. Again, he’s just outside the norm, not because he’s “not” American…

    Sexy as hell lips though, damn!

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