Masculine: The New Gay Scent…?

Saggin skinny jeans.
Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt.
Louie V belt.
Blue Yankee Fitted.
Cut The Fuck Up Body.
Likes men?

It seems there are a new breed of gay men.
And I must say, I like it…

Has anyone noticed straight men are assuming
the role of what “gay men” are suppose to be?

Stereotypically, gay men are supposed to be overly concerned with their appearance and hygiene, all while listening to Diana Ross or Lady GaGa in a heart shaped pink mirror.

Stereotypically, straight men are suppose to be testosterone filled hard-ons who only work out, listen to 2pac or Jay Z, and only take showers on special occasions.

But lately,
the rules have changed and the roles have reversed.

So long are the days of the seeing stereotypical gay men roaming the streets.
These days, it seems more gay/bi dudes are assuming the roles of what “masculinity” is suppose to portray.
Sure we have Sparkles playing dress up as a “Ken” doll but more and more, gay men are seeing other gay men that aren’t so… gay.

Deep voices, toned bodies, and… finger lickin’ good “situations”.
Mmm mmm mmm.

All of these recent developments have my black sistas having a heart attack.
Every messageboard is the same thing:

Is he gay?
He blinked twice – does that mean he is gay?
His landlord is Russian – then he MUST be gay?
His homeboy had on a pink shirt from Rocawear – YUP he gay!

They were able to tell once upon a time in the 90s when a man was gay.
Nowadays, men come in all flavas – ranging from sweet to sour.
Sour as in, “He ain’t shit!”

That masculine man with the body of a baller on a football field could want a 10″ ding dong in his ass, while that feminine dude wants a pussy platter on a low simmer.

The joys of the new generation, right?

I was beginning to wonder if I would only get some dick from a Wolf that sings part time in Gone With The Wind on Broadway.

Glad to see I can get some hot lovin from a hot Wolfie tendah.

Later Foxes and Wolves.

32 thoughts on “Masculine: The New Gay Scent…?

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    1. It’s cause no woman can fathom a black masculine good looking man be gay. I would hate for them to spend a night in my closet. They would probably hang themselves in there with the man that I am and the men I date/have dated.

      Stereotypes are the worst.

  3. Yup. They’re just as masculine as any striaght man and they have the fysh gagging! lol I like it though. Nice to know the men the fysh get to experience are also available for boys.

    1. Whats wrong with Dove?
      That smells good.
      Zest isnt the best.

      *shakes head and laugh silent to that ass beatin threat* (in other ways, yes…)

  4. Well what can I say. I love to be fresh from head to toe creased down cologne drifting as I walk by. CURIOUSITY. Need a thought on this one.

    1. See DonD …. you can’t see me on the freshness baby.
      I stay with the nicest threads, kicks, and scents.

      Stay havin em, “whose that nigga?” … yeah, ya secret fantasy that they will never get so SCRAM! lol

    2. Eh, bump cologne. My natural, just-washed scent is enough to get em…they just THINK I’m wearing something lol

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