I Wonder Who Devin Thomas Is F*cking?

Sorry, I had to ask.

He has been playing some decent football lately.
Maybe he isn’t fucking ANYONE because when he was, he got distracted.
You know Showtime is a Showboat and when that happens…
… The show is OVER.

Well, looks like he has brought his A game to the field this year…
… and to RocaWear for a new winter ad campaign.

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X Marks The Fox: Pipin’, Pain, and Pleasure

Is this cutie ALLEGEDLY going Bottoms Up for a potential Song-Wolf? 

Or, is it the other way around?…

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Masculine: The New Gay Scent…?

Saggin skinny jeans.
Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt.
Louie V belt.
Blue Yankee Fitted.
Cut The Fuck Up Body.
Likes men?

It seems there are a new breed of gay men.
And I must say, I like it…

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