I Wonder Who Devin Thomas Is F*cking?

Sorry, I had to ask.

He has been playing some decent football lately.
Maybe he isn’t fucking ANYONE because when he was, he got distracted.
You know Showtime is a Showboat and when that happens…
… The show is OVER.

Well, looks like he has brought his A game to the field this year…
… and to RocaWear for a new winter ad campaign.

Looks real good.

Personally, I haven’t worn Rocawear since 2002.
I do like the scarf, gloves, and that cardigan.
Everything else gets a “MEH”.
That is the type of wardrobe I’d like my Wolf to wear.
Me, not so much.
I have upgraded my style swagg from those early years.

But Daddy looks good doesn’t he?
Let’s hope he continues to look good on… and OFF… the field.

Author: jamari fox

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28 thoughts on “I Wonder Who Devin Thomas Is F*cking?”

  1. Oh i didnt even notice who the designer of the clothes were lol. I was too busy saving the pics. But this is pretty much how my ideal wolf would dress. First two pics call for a boot, second two pics call for sneakers. No skinny jeans please.

    Still fine.

    1. YUP.

      Tims especially for the first picture.
      Underneath is a black wife beater, black boxer briefs, and black ankle socks.
      Spray a little Unforgivable on his pressure points and he is good to go.

      1. I realize i also judge wolves based on the type of underwear they wear as well. I HATE boxers. They don’t look good when sagging and they don’t support much. Boxer briefs are preferable and preferably ones that FIT. A good wife beater is mostly about the size of your body. The better your frame is, as in being in-shape, the better it fits. I wonder if it has anything to do with how they look when they strip down to their underwear. Do wolves like to feel sexy in their underwear? I know i do lol

        1. ^your wife beater should NEVER be saggy.
          It should always hug your frame.
          It does wonders to your body under a body fitting shirt.

          Boxers are OUT.
          I have some boxers I only wear when I haven’t done laundry.
          I am a strict boxer briefs Fox.

          And I like to walk around my crib in my drawz, socks, and slippers.
          Wolves walk around in their drawz too.
          But I notice they do it basketball shorts, socks, and Nike slippers.

          I like to be comfortable.
          And my Wolf should be too.


  2. This could explain the pics from before. Perhaps the stylist plucked his eyebrows for the RocaWear photoshoot, and just went overboard.

  3. Ever since the eyebrow thing I haven’t looked at him the same way…btw have you ever done a post on Calvin Johnson.

    1. ^thank you for reminding me.
      I’ll do one on him this week.

      And yeah,
      That whole bald eagle thing he did put him in a place with me also.
      I can’t look at him the same as I once did.
      Maybe I’ll forget if I saw him naked…


      1. Yeah I see what you’re sayin. I think he stays on our minds because, physically, he alot of people’s ideal type.

  4. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^i don’t even know that brotha’s email lol

    Hummmmmmmm I can give you his Sport’s agent contact since he doesn’t have a theatrical agent yet and you can try to contact him that way.

  5. Really? All it took was cutting off the hair on his face and everyone is all “::boo hoo:: he’s not the same”? I don’t understand this fair-weather mindset lol. I guess thats an expression of the “gays are so shallow and fickle” mentality people throw out there. All hair, no hair… i dont care lol. That thang is fine! I would be at every. single. practice/game/press event. FAITHFULLY!

      1. Exactly..the hair thing was just the cherry on top of a long line of questionable behavior. He’s still fine but now we know he has his crazy moments.

  6. Although he may look like one, he is not a deity and is prone to craziness just like the rest of us lol. As long as he isn’t hurting himself or someone else… we’re good.

  7. #whoisjamarifox :

    Killablaq :
    Ah will do and you will go from there lol you on your own once I give you the contact info lol.

    that makes it that much more fun huh?
    LOL I

    It fucking should bruh and I can say fucking cause I ain’t cussing at no body.

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