The Thing That Counts Is What’s Inside of My Issues

Ya know, I have been thinking today…

Thinking: my worst enemy, right?
But, I have been thinking how grateful I am for all of you guys who read.
I can never say it enough, but I am extremely blessed.
From the views, to the lurkers, to the comments: Aaaahhhhhh, I get all mushy thinking about it.

Oh shut up, you know your ass is smiling.
I know that we only communicate through words, but those words definitely bring us closer.
I try to write or supply you guys with something nice every day, just to bring us closer.
See, it is all in my master plan of Fox World Domination.
Patience, my Foxes, Hybrids and Wolves out there.

*insert evil genius laugh track here*

That being said…

I have no regrets for being as honest as I am.
I have no issue letting you guys know that I have issues.
I can be a mess sometimes.
Some days are not good fucking days.
I get lonely and sometimes I want attention.
It happens.
It is life.
That is the problem with some of these other forces that are online.
You hardly know anything about them.
Once thing I admired about Necole Bitchie is she shared her story as she grew as a blogger.
Now, the chick is paid and living in the Hollywood Hills.
Cheers to that!

If you cannot see me at my worst….
then how the hell do you expect to see me at my best?
The best stories come from those who share their testimony.

Thank you for tuning in to witness it.

Happy Easter.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The Thing That Counts Is What’s Inside of My Issues”

  1. I love reading your blog Jamari. The topics we discuss are very interesting, and we have fun joking around and lusting after eachother.

    S/N: Camron looks cute in that gif.

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