When We Role Play… (31)

This is for the Wolves and Hybrids…

So you have been dating this Fox for quite some time:

It has been going well for the past year.
He is everything you asked for.
You both decide to meet with an older gentlemen who has a business┬áproposition for you…

First of all, he is 57 years old.
He owns a HUGE corporation and has money coming out his anus.
He pretty much gets ANYTHING and ANYONE he wants.

He meets with you both over dinner to ask to have sex with your Fox for one night.
He is offering to pay you 50,000 for a one night stand.
Sort of like:

He wants it to happen tomorrow night.

Wolves and Hybrids…
That looks like some good money too.

Split both ways is a nice 25gs.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “When We Role Play… (31)”

  1. Nope. Never,
    I’m not a slave to the almighty dollar.
    If things are going well with us I have what I want.
    If he’s even considering then he’s probably not for me.

  2. I’m going to ask my dude is it ok, and if he lets me do it, I will split the money with him. I wouldn’t go behind my dude’s back and sleep with ol dude tho. I would just have to miss out on the cash.

      1. Oh my bad, I read it wrong. LOL. Hell no I wouldn’t let my dude do that shit. I don’t like someone else fuckin my dude.

  3. 50K isn’t that much…Demi was offered 1 Mil. Now if you up that offer, I might have to think about it…but ultimately it’s up to him. By nature, I don’t share my toys or my man…I’d let him screw someone in a 3-way (if he’s a hybrid), but the azz is mine.

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