Invisible Foxes and Wolves


You just never know who is tuning in to you.

My blog is all over the place.
It is on different sites and word of mouth has definitely helped.
But I always wondered who is actually reading me in cyber land?
Those with a blog know what I’m talking about…

I mean,
you get curious.
I didn’t get all those hits by myself.
I see Jamari Fox searched like crazy on my stats.

How did you even find me?

I read that Rihanna actually reads blogs about her.
How the hell did she find these particular blogs?
Googled: Who talks shit about Rihanna?

When I read, in a comment section,
that Foxes and Wolves from LONDON is actually tuning in,
that literally made me cry tears of joy.

I know.
Man the fuck up Jamari.
Can’t I relish at my achievements?

I have touched so many people in a short span of debuting my blog about a year ago… and as usual, I am grateful to you for enjoying the Fox that is me.

One of my Foxes who works in the sports arena
gave my blog to a DL baller to pass on…

I wonder how many ballers tune into Jamari during their down time?
How many rappers or singers actually slide into my spot and couldn’t leave?

I mean, shit, I could spit a few bars…. and not over musical notes.

*Kat Stacks voice* Anyway doe,
I don’t know and probably will never know,
but I hope I am keeping you all (whoever you maybe) entertained.

(and I know the comment section gets raunchy LOL
but hey, that’s just the type of Foxes and Wolves we are!)


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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