John David Washington Ball(ers)

tumblr_nsz11acxev1s394keo1_1280i have been meaning to watch this season of ballers.
i haven’t even watched the first season,
but everyone keeps talking about john david washington.
i also did ( x here ).
he happens to be denzel washington’s cub.
he is also fine and not to mention packing some serious meat.
a foxholer sent me this clip and…
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Do I Really Need To Get Into Ballers?

tumblr_nok936pDo71rz7ke7o1_500…the show silly.
i was going to check out the rock’s show “ballers” tonight.
all i know about it is:

a) it has my favorite word in the title
b) the rock shows his tail to the world
c) the cub of denzel washington is in it

and he looks like this
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Jamari Fox’s Guide To Being The Perfect Non-Groupie

So Orlando was WEAK.


(how terrible was that Slam Dunk contest?)

Too many players and not enough hoes.
Better yet, not enough known players which equaled no hoes.
They heard the word “Orlando” and thought Mickey and Minni Mouse.
But, I’ll be honest, I would have been down there.
Even if I got me a rookie or even a draftee, I would be satisfied.
I swear, I have to teach people how to do what to do.

Peep it…

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Special Delivery of Alonzo Gee and Serge Ibaka

2 for 1 special.
Only at Jamari Fox.
Where I turn you on at no cost.

So let’s get started about these two fine Wolves I came across today….

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… Yet, I’m Single In This Bitch.

I just read an amazing entry from one of  my loyal Foxes, So Vain 1.
It left me sorta speechless, angry, confused, and content all in one breath.
I love someone who can do that to me.
Means you are more than just a pretty face.

But, that entry got me to thinking about my own issues within The Concrete Forest.
Things I have gone through in my privacy.
Thoughts that I have had in my own confused mind.
Look I’m not trying to be full of myself (well a little never hurt),
but let me run down my resume…

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5 Things Wolves Do That Piss Us Off

This isn’t a diss entry.
This is a real entry.

Ballers or not so much ballers -> THIS ONE IF FOR YOU, FROM US.
I am sure I speak for many Foxes and Vixens out there.
I am the voice.
So Wolves, perk your ears up and listen….

…and get your shit together.

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