5 Things Wolves Do That Piss Us Off

This isn’t a diss entry.
This is a real entry.

Ballers or not so much ballers -> THIS ONE IF FOR YOU, FROM US.
I am sure I speak for many Foxes and Vixens out there.
I am the voice.
So Wolves, perk your ears up and listen….

…and get your shit together.

1. “I Was Sent From Christ So That Is Why I Am So Lonely”

On his Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, written on his forehead…
He is trying to give this impression that he is the perfect Wolf.
He quotes Bible scriptures and inspirational quotes.
We go and read that shit like, “Oh he is a decent dude”.
You talk to him and feeds you the bait with “I been hurt before and my heart is healing”.


Then, the truth comes out that he is actually Satan’s Spawn running a harem of hoes out his kitchen. Really?

Realtalk: Be honest.
Why try to be something you aren’t?
You know how many Wolves get caught up because of this bullshit.
I won’t condemn you if you were just straight up and said:

“Yeah, I been giving everything with a hole my pipe to suck and I break a couple backs on the reg, but I maybe open to someone who is different. I may just want to break your back, but we will see what happens when I get to know you.”

Rather than me getting a surprise in the near future.
Ain’t that the worst Foxes?



I mean…
there is no reason you a grown ass man and your hygiene is questionable.
Dirty socks, shit stained draws, dingy wife beaters, breath smellin like your soul died and is rotting in your stomach…


Realtalk: There is NO excuse for this.
See a dentist, clean ya nails, take a fuckin’ shower, wash ya clothes, and wear deodarant.
Your momma should not be shaking her head at the pig of a man.
That is, if her ass is nasty too.
I’m not saying you should smell like fresh cut roses in spring time but GATDAMN…
smell and be zestfully clean CLOSE enough.


3. “Yeah. LOL. Naw. Yup. Thas wassup.”

Dudes who cannot text are the absolutely worst.
I text you on some “tryna get to know you” and you straight boring me dude.
One word responses but I bet you if I said:

“So if I was there and I pulled my drawz down, what would you do?”

… and you go on to writing a college essay.
Sex always gets a nigga to come out his shell, huh?

Realtalk: No Fox or Vixen wants to talk to someone who is boring.
One word answers are BORING.
Don’t text my eyes off half to death but at least intrigue a Fox.


4. “I like you. I can rock with you… but no hit up?”

You showed crazy interest.
You got the number.
We talked and we got to know each other.
Things was going smooth.

No more contact.
What part of the game is that?

Realtalk: One of the biggest issues with Wolves is lack of communication.
If you aren’t feeling me anymore, tell me so I can cut you off.
Why leave something without letting the other person known where they stand?
That is bitch-like.
Shit, even bitches are upfront so it’s … umm… something real lame-like. lol


5. “All kinds of Fucktivity”

This is the other side to the coin above.

You got me like a mouse.
Feeding me cheese trying to lure me in.
I’m feeling you and you got me open.
… all just to beat the cakes.
Then you beat the cakes and out the closest window never to return again.

Realtalk: Look kill all that noise.
Try this amongst first initial conversation:

Yo. I think you are sexy and I know this maybe real forward,
but I find you sexually appealing. I am not really looking for anything serious right now. Are you down for something like that?


Is that so hard?
How do you know that I don’t want some no strings attached cak?
But, you gasing my head up like you want MORE than to get in my guts…
…and in reality, you just trying to get in my guts.

Foxes like dick too.
Just be honest.


Anything else that needs to be added,
please leave a comment.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “5 Things Wolves Do That Piss Us Off”

  1. I think you hit the nail on the head with this list. The types who gas your head up and then one day stop talking to you are the worst. But then there are the bommerange types. The ones who possess a ‘special’ ability to reset the relationship to whatever point that he feels most comfortable with which is effectively like erasing the past. Then he breezes his way back into you life, disappearing for long enough, and then bamboozling his way back in and trying to force out the memory of his misdemeanors.

  2. So true @ ursovain. Or they do shit that affects you negatively and in their minds they did nothing wrong.

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