Do I Really Need To Get Into Ballers?

tumblr_nok936pDo71rz7ke7o1_500…the show silly.
i was going to check out the rock’s show “ballers” tonight.
all i know about it is:

a) it has my favorite word in the title
b) the rock shows his tail to the world
c) the cub of denzel washington is in it

and he looks like this

tumblr_mb75cdEkA21qmfh3weveryone meet john david washington.
hell if the show is terrible,
i’ll still watch anyway for him.
john had a little sex scene in it as well:


to’ her ass up in that bathroom stall.
i wonder how many baller wolves have really done that?
or is that a stupid question?

foxtips: john is a graduate of morehouse on a football scholarship.
he signed to the rams as a free agent.
he also played overseas before getting into acting.
i’ll take him!

x watch first episode here

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Do I Really Need To Get Into Ballers?”

  1. You need to get the clip of him coming into the kitchen in silk PJs and dick swinging. It was this season a few episodes ago.

  2. Well since you haven’t seen the season finale….THE ROCK goes his first nude sex scene…DAT ASS…WOW

    1. It’s a good show. I enjoy it. It has some HILARIOUS scenes, courtesy of Denzel’s son. I don’t know if he ever acted prior to this show, but he’s a natural. Daddy taught him well!
      Check the last episode of the season, there’s a scene with The Rock bangin’ his woman in his office (in the middle of the work day mind you), and they showed his ass. His nice, round, powerful ass! LOL

    1. I agree with you on that one. Never could understand why women, and some men, would go so crazy over him. He does nada for me. He is a handsome man, yes. But all that drop dead gorgeous stuff I hear…I don’t see it. As they say, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.
      John favors his mom Pauletta more than daddy Denzel.

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