when a wolf of legacy loves his mama (more?)

males are generally closer to their mothers.
vixens are usually closer to their fathers.
i can attest because i was closer to my mother.
it seems john david washington,
denzel and pauletta washington‘s cub,
is closer to his mother as well.
so much so,
he interrupted a reporter of “today” to speak so highly of her…
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John David Washington Ball(ers)

tumblr_nsz11acxev1s394keo1_1280i have been meaning to watch this season of ballers.
i haven’t even watched the first season,
but everyone keeps talking about john david washington.
i also did ( x here ).
he happens to be denzel washington’s cub.
he is also fine and not to mention packing some serious meat.
a foxholer sent me this clip and…
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Do I Really Need To Get Into Ballers?

tumblr_nok936pDo71rz7ke7o1_500…the show silly.
i was going to check out the rock’s show “ballers” tonight.
all i know about it is:

a) it has my favorite word in the title
b) the rock shows his tail to the world
c) the cub of denzel washington is in it

and he looks like this
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