John David Washington Ball(ers)

tumblr_nsz11acxev1s394keo1_1280i have been meaning to watch this season of ballers.
i haven’t even watched the first season,
but everyone keeps talking about john david washington.
i also did ( x here ).
he happens to be denzel washington’s cub.
he is also fine and not to mention packing some serious meat.
a foxholer sent me this clip and…

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic



…and do you see that bulge?
good gawd!
good work denzel!

lowkey: i wonder if it’s like father,
like son?

video credited: ballers | hbo

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “John David Washington Ball(ers)”

  1. You should watch it. It’s actually a pretty good show. I think he does a good job at bringing his character to life and an understanding to him. Btw, have you started watching power again? If not then you need to binge watch. This is definitely not the season to miss it. Oh and Empire and HTGAWM comes back this week. Sorry for the long tv update but i know we have similar tastes in shows.

    1. The Rock is pretty good on this show, but the supporting cast carries him well. He is eye candy, body-wise, because I don’t think he’s that handsome…even though that smile is a killer!
      Denzel’s son, John, really makes the show. His character is hilarious!
      I’m behind on a few eps this season…and apparently he was/is supposed to have a nude scene this season. Last season we got a nice view of that ass of stone.

  2. When he turned the corner in the kitchen; that won’t nothing but the TRUTH. He gotta monster dick on him! *wipe me down*

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