DEAR MR. CEO (insert inquiry here)

animal-beautiful-fox-love-favim-com-2830265today was a long day.
i’m so tired and low on energy.
one co worker decided to call out.
another left early in the afternoon.
it was just me,
one other coworker,
and a deadline.
when i say i was legit tite?
bad enough,
i didn’t see the new mailroom wolf at all today.
besides all that,
i had a bigger hunt going on.


as a fox

…we are known to skillfully infiltrate the chicken coop.
why go through the gate when we can tunnel underneath?
the only issue is i didn’t know anyone in his company.
there was no way to tunnel under or over.
i may just have to use the gate.
i spent the weekend researching him.
i was highly impressed.
he almost has the same background as mine.
only thing is…

He is worth a couple million

money-animated-gif-4after some f-bi work,
and thing 2 knowing someone who knows someone,
i found out his assistant’s email.
i want to make sure i make a good impression,
but i don’t want to come off like a groupie.
i also don’t want to look like i’m angling to get a job.
not to mention i’m going through his assistant rather than him.


how should a go about this?

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7 thoughts on “DEAR MR. CEO (insert inquiry here)”

  1. Dear Assistant- I ran into baller wolf last week and he suggested that I arrange to come up to see him. Im reaching out, hoping that you can help me find a good time on his calendar. We know each other from XXX and since we now work in the same building, I’d love to seek his advice on some career issues. Thanks in advance for your time.

    Ambitious Fox.

  2. I would email, even if it’s his assistant I would spell something out about who you are, contact info for yourself and how you met him and ask if he has any time on his calendar to meet or make an appt and ask her to forward your info to him if she is unable to schedule anything.

      1. ^i saw and im going to take your advice on when we do speak.
        i was just concerned with the wording of the email.
        i didn’t want to come off looking like im trying to “get something”.
        i just saw jay’s response so ill copy what he stated in there as well.

        my apologies on repeating myself or not taking the advice.
        i don’t want to look foolish or suddenly im reaching out because he told me he is a CEO.

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