Count These Steps! (H, I, V, Turn. H, I, V, Turn)

tumblr_lnmfpf5l3k1qfhtnu_largethe following story is sick.
absolutely sick.
a dance teacher jackal decided to start banging one of his students.
did i mention the the dance teacher jackal has hiv?
and that the student is sixteen?
according to ajc via f-bi


A Memphis dance coach was arrested for exposing one of his students to HIV, police said. 

John Conner, 27, was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and criminal exposure to HIV, among other counts. 

According to the arrest affidavit, Conner had sex with a 16-year-old boy last year, but did not tell the victim he was HIV positive, police said.

Police said, the two met on several occasions and had unprotected sex in the suspect’s car

Nude images and sexual messages were also exchanged between the two, the affidavit stated. 

Conner was diagnosed with HIV back in 2012

He was arrested Friday and is being held on $100,000 bail.


this is why…
any of these wolves trying to get some of my fox tail,
we will not be doing anything without hiv test results on request.
i need a full check up.
we got to watch our surroundings and who we let inside us.
i hope they throw this jackal under the jail.
the scary part about this story is…

How many others has he smashed without disclosing his status?


article taken: ajc

12 thoughts on “Count These Steps! (H, I, V, Turn. H, I, V, Turn)

  1. So many male teachers are having sex with students nowadays that it’s not even funny. Sad to say, but technology has made it even easier. I have to caution myself not to be too overprotective of my son, but too many Eddie Longs and people like this joker out there.

  2. This is so horrible! He is suppose to be a role model for the kids and that’s what he does!? Disgusting!

    Also, Jamari like you said, how many more people has he spread the virus too because I’m sure the 16 year old isn’t the only one. Everyone, it’s OUR responsibility to protect ourselves and look after our health.

  3. Ugh….. I can’t finish my food after seeing this. I can’t stand those “I’m on PreP” niccas with a passion… STAY FAR FROM WE! They be the ones doing this shit! Spreading all the diseases. So thirsty for some ass/dick that you’re willing to risk your entire BEING & the next person’s just for 3 minutes of pleasure!

    You really can’t trust anyone these days.

  4. On August 12,he wrote on FB that three days before he tried to kill himself by taking two bottles of pills, due to depression.The depression was related to a “situation that happened over a year ago that was recently brought up again and wasn’t told correctly”.He said people are trying to destroy him and take over his dance team.He also mentioned he had HIV in the post.(

    So obviously this guy is playing the victim,he is probably going to say he told the boy he had HIV and that he thought he couldn’t transmit it because he is undetectable.It doesn’t really matter though If they had sex in Tennessee,it’s automatically statutory rape because the age of consent is 18 unless the the older person is four years older or less than the minor.So in Tenn a 16 year can have consensual sex with a 20 year old or a 17 can have sex with a 21 year old.But it is statutory rape if a 16 has sex with a person 21 year old of age or older.

    1. That’s just nasty! If you can’t mess with people your own age, and need to mess around with young kids…yo ass need to be put UNDER the damn jail! And when you get to prison…those convicts need to beat that ass a little bit! Not rape…but a serious ass whipping for messing with kids!
      They need to throw Wilmer Valderama and Tyga pedophile asses in there too!

  5. There is no excuse for what he did. Sixteen is still a child in many ways. if it was two grown men so be it…they are old enough to be aware. These young kids don’t know the risks. I pray the teenager doesn’t contract HIV.

  6. Yes, allot of these guys are up for unprotected sex claiming to be on Prep. I say “NO” I’m not taking a chance, and whats worst are the young ones who are new to the scene have no guidance and I hope High schools are implement gay straight alliance clubs. They are in danger and I know as a young boy I had ranging hormones.

  7. He needs his ass whooped! Messed with a child and ruined his life before it even really began smh.

    You really have to watch who’s around your kids. I see why my parents didn’t let me go anywhere growing up.

    They’re gonna rip him a new one in prison.

    1. I thought that looked like the jackal from Bring It! I wonder if Miss D heard about this, someone needs to tell her. You just never know these days.

      For people that don’t know: He’s on a dancing show from Lifetime. It’s about young black majorette teams, they do hip hop dancing. He was one of the rival coaches on the show.

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