Thomas, What’s Goin On Here?

After the incident on Twitter,
I left well enough alone…

Have you seen his face and body?
I still kinda want that ontop of me…)

Anyway a Fox of mine sent me a magazine cover with him on it…
…and I screw faced it all the way to my recycling bin.

Devin Alexander Lawdonson Thomas, wtf….

Why do you look so… Skelator in the face?
I feel like we need to role play and Okro needs to be flying above me.

I know he likes 300, but he has gone
a little to far
with this gladiator thing.

When I was “with him” so to speak,
he always looked fly and was on top of his game.
Now, he is looking like he fell off.


I need you to let me give you a “Daddy” makeover cause this looks TERRIBLE!
You do not even look like a baller anymore.
You look like the only circle you should be huddled in,
is the one where you are talking about when you first tried Meth.

Now you know I would never let you go out looking like that.
I approve all shots before they are sent to print.
Who does your PR?
Get back to looking like this.

Check here to read his interview for that magazine —-> CLICK HERE

Later… while SMH

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Thomas, What’s Goin On Here?”

  1. Dayum dude…maybe they were going for something artistic — conveying how he was discarded by making him look like a…crackhead (ashy lips & all)…yeah, I got nothing.

    By the power of Grayskull!!

      1. Hey, I don’t dispute that he looks like Pookie from New Jack City II; I was tryna to come up w/an explanation — it’s reaching, I know…

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