Oops… I Did It Again, and Again, and Again, and Again, and Again, and Again…

“i played with my heart.
got lost in my games.
ooh baby baby…”

tumblr_mkfobnfvpc1rj2u1ho1_500i seriously had to ask myself,
“so add another one to the list?”
all of the mistakes i have made in the past doing “this”,
i go and bump my head and did it again last week.
i see now how i fall in the trap.
he was fine.
no, he was fuckin’ gorgeous.
alas, he ends up being a question mark.
i found my answer…

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How To Tweet Your Resume As A Baller Wolf To Get A Job

when the going gets tough,
the tough get to job hunting on twitter.
the following wolf just got waived from his team.

delonte west took to twitter to look for a new job.
when you look at the following,
i had to ask:
would you hire him?

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He Bent My Wolf Over and Proceeded To Take His Love From Me


He is exactly my type.
I mean, look at him.
His body… his face… those pecs.
Makes me want to drop my drawz every time I see him.
But, alas, he is not interested in me.

Nor you, my Foxy like counterparts.
Don’t smirk Hybrids because he doesn’t want you either.

He wants his hungry for his own kind.
He is usually not satisfied until he has successfully turned one out.
Sometimes he does it for fun and other times, he does it for the challenge.

Has anyone ever met…


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APB On This Wolf…

… or Fox (sigh)…
…or Hybrid (we can work it out)…

Who is he???…

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The Kinda Sorta Secret To Finding Wolves

Well, let me 1st say that I have been reading/following IJF for a while now. Time to comment. I have had wolves, foxes, and vixens all of that.. come to me. It’s not about looks it is more about making yourself a brand. Caring about the right now while planning your next move for tomorrow. Being in touch with yourself somehow allows you to be more open with others. I’m only 21 but based on my experience, if you want something bad enough.. do nothing.. but give everything. If that makes sense.

I guess it’s a coincidence that we both happen to be Scorpios. But, you pretty much nailed it. Some people spend a lot of time over thinking and they lose their overall goal. If you can focus more on what you find imperative and less of what you desire.. then you can truly find what you have been looking for… without using GPS. ;o)

Compliments of one of my readers, Duhhebadd.

I went to sleep with that whole comment section on my mind.
Matter a fact, I woke up and they were still there.
The message was clear, but still in a Rubik Cube my mind was turning.
Just like the Wolf code I was trying to crack.

Take a walk in my past to see what I found out about myself…

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Jumping The Wolf: The Sequel

Looking for the Wolf we want is almost as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack.
I think that might actually easier…and a ton more fun.

Why is it so hard to meet a Wolf?
One that we are attracted too and isn’t full of shit?
Like we, the Foxes, are the Wolves.
It isn’t like they aren’t roaming the Earth.
They just have so much rules and regulations…
They should require a pat down, TSA style, just to get admittance to his world.

All the talk in the comments for JTB made me step away and do some thinking.
It shouldn’t be rocket science or a biology project.
It should be easy to just find one, meet, and at least making SOMETHING happen.

When it comes to Wolves and this exhausting hunt…

…Where do we start?

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