Jumping The Wolf: The Sequel

Looking for the Wolf we want is almost as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack.
I think that might actually easier…and a ton more fun.

Why is it so hard to meet a Wolf?
One that we are attracted too and isn’t full of shit?
Like we, the Foxes, are the Wolves.
It isn’t like they aren’t roaming the Earth.
They just have so much rules and regulations…
They should require a pat down, TSA style, just to get admittance to his world.

All the talk in the comments for JTB made me step away and do some thinking.
It shouldn’t be rocket science or a biology project.
It should be easy to just find one, meet, and at least making SOMETHING happen.

When it comes to Wolves and this exhausting hunt…

…Where do we start?

So meeting Wolves online is out of the question.
I think we have all come the same agreement.
How can you really take someone seriously if they are lurking bare chested on a sex site?
They have their dick out for the world to see.
He wants to play “Stick The Dick In The Hole”.
Extra points given to which one….

Meeting them in the club is iffy.
You dancing with a tipsy Wolf,
he is feeling up on your ass,
and recieting the lines to “No Hands”?
What do you think he is thinking?
I highly doubt he wants to come over and play PS3.

For those of us who want a Baller Wolf,
it can go many ways but since whores looking for 15 minutes of fame have become the new “in” thing, the game has definitely changed.
Saving dick pics, sexts, and hidden cameras of dick downs.

So that leaves meeting Foxes and going to outings.
But, how do we go about meeting Foxes who arent full of drama?
As you get older, it seems harder to meet real genuine friends who have your back.
The days of sitting in a sandbox and eating sand together meant you were brothers.
The guy next door became your friend because you played Power Rangers outside.
NOW…  a muttaflucka will stab you in the back, front, and asshole.

So, what do we do?
Because the loneliness is killing all of us slowly…

17 thoughts on “Jumping The Wolf: The Sequel

  1. gucci :
    I hear that duhhebad! The more one spends time being quality over quantity it puts them in position for what they truly want. I think the problem is the waiting period, nobody wants to wait and temptation gets stronger the longer u wait. I’m a scorpio I can’t settle for less then what I need and won’t anything less is suicide.

    I guess it’s a coincidence that we both happen to be Scorpios. But, you pretty much nailed it. Some people spend a lot of time over thinking and they lose their overall goal. If you can focus more on what you find imperative and less of what you desire.. then you can truly find what you have been looking for… without using GPS. ;o)

  2. I hear that duhhebad! The more one spends time being quality over quantity it puts them in position for what they truly want. I think the problem is the waiting period, nobody wants to wait and temptation gets stronger the longer u wait. I’m a scorpio I can’t settle for less then what I need and won’t anything less is suicide.

  3. Well, let me 1st say that I have been reading/following IJF for a while now. Time to comment. I have had wolves, foxes, and vixens all of that.. come to me. It’s not about looks it is more about making yourself a brand. Caring about the right now while planning your next move for tomorrow. Being in touch with yourself somehow allows you to be more open with others. I’m only 21 but based on my experience, if you want something bad enough.. do nothing.. but give everything. If that makes sense.

  4. ATL has men EVERYWHERE!!! HOWEVER! Many of whom are foxes. Wolves are severely outnumbered like 10 to 1. There have been plenty of times where i have been completely disappointed. The wolves here tend to stay in packs and don’t venture far outside of their circles. You’ll the same people over and over again despite there being so many of us down here. You’ll meet plenty of wack wolves who are dusty and don’t have much going for themselves. It’s very easy to get caught up in the lifestyle down here so everyone must come and proceed with caution.

    But you’re absolutely right with this post. We’ve been discussing these very thing forever and its interesting to see the amount of us who are experiencing the same exact situations in different parts of the country. I really feel like its an epidemic. So in going forward i think we need more wolves perspectives on this…

  5. jamari your right all foxes and fish reside in the atl lol. i was thinking of new york but the rent and gas prices are crazy. so imight try dallas

  6. I figure if a wolf regardless of his dispostion is willing to climb high enough up the tree for me then its only right for me to come down to meet him half the way…

  7. I was rapping to a nice wolf in his late forties and I gathered from our conversation that most wolves has been burnt so much that they don’t want to get caught up in the love thing due to their experience with foxes…he still waiting to get down with me. I hope he aint holding his breath…lol

  8. Im trying but this game starting to become too hard! Makes me wonder sometimes should I start playing the game of fish cause these wolves are not playing right. Its scarcer than an desert out here. I think we should find some fellow foxes who dont have drama and stick together. If those wolves are out there so are some loyal foxes we just got to be careful who we pick. We are becoming the wolves now! When you find a suitable wolf you better throw your best shit out there lol This shit aint no fun. Im movig to Atl later this year so maybe ill have better experinces there. Im going to be on the hunt and also enjoy myself too. More wolves need to come on here and give they opinion on this matter because we wants to know!!!

    1. be careful r.
      i heard from a couple sources that atl is FOX CITY.
      there are wolves scattered, but way to many foxes outnumbering wolves.

      lets hope my sources are wrong.

  9. Your right Jay! I had to learn that…I too work for a retail corp and as a cashier the brothers that I come in contact with- whew!… I’m bound to come in contact with a wolf or I’ll be the wolf for a fox

  10. I’ve noticed a lot of dudes aren’t really interested in expanding their social circle unless they’re trying to get with an attractive guy. We tend to be joined at the hip with the same guys going to the same places. Foxes and wolves have to get out there and interact more instead staring down each other and turning up their noses up at dudes they don’t deem worthy of knowing them. Think of every dude as a connection to more dudes. He may not be your type, but being friends with him may give you the chance to go different places and meet guys that are your type.

    I work part-time at a popular retail store where a lot of bi/gay men shop and I’ve seen some jaw-dropping fine men shopping with guys who aren’t the type I go for. I’m not saying it’s full proof, but what do we have to lose?

  11. hell i got use to it. i stay in a southern hic town but u stay in a popular city i find it funny were having the same problems on finding the right wolf. but like i said i basically gave up cause there isnt anyone serious everybody wants sex sex and more sex.

  12. Cheese on bread… that’s what I’m talking about. That was potent JAMARI!!! As for me I’m going to wait till my wolf show up and show out because the times were in won’t allow me to do anything elsk and if I do anything outside of my pleasure principals then I open myself up to the big bad wolf…

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