MEAT (42)


With a name like “ibuymagnums” and looking like that…
it peaked my interest.
These young Wolves are looking so good.
I’d probably break him in half and have his nose wide open.
The young ones are the easiest to turn out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “MEAT (42)”

  1. if he looks like that in a picture hes miniature and anemic looking in person…and jamari you always take me as the type that likes a lil mass on his dude from most of your posts

    1. i can see what you mean.
      now, i’m turned off.
      della was right – a pup.
      not even a romeo type build.

      …and you are absolutely RIGHT on the type of dudes i like.

  2. that aint no wolf. that is clearly a pup. That child needs a hair cut, some protein and some ink remover to remove those markings from his body. lord didnt your teachers ever tell you to not draw on yourself with gel pens!

    1. i would break that boy in half.
      he playing that game for these little horny vixens.
      all he needs is a mature fox to ride that bronco.

      he is the type that think he is really cute…
      …and then don’t want to go home.

  3. Is he even legal?!

    *thanks God youtube & Twitter & FB weren’t around in my young & stupid days*

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