Beyonce Takes A Tumble… Again

How the mighty have fallen….
…and apparently landed in the late 70s in the top 100.

She has put out 2 teaser videos for that mediocre song….
….and now she is delaying the video to perfect it.

What is up with her?
Has the Beyonce train started to run out of steam?

Kelly Rowland
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson
Letoya Luckett
maybe even Tyra B should step up to bat.
… should take this moment while Beyonce is weakened and come out to battle.
Nothing better than a surprise contender who wasn’t suppose to last.
Just ask Rihanna.

Sorry Queen B.
Looks like girls really dont run your world.
The father you fired did.

2 thoughts on “Beyonce Takes A Tumble… Again

  1. U forgot Katie perry and lady gaga they smashin he ass now. She shouldnt have taken such a long break

  2. The song is wack, but it has a nice beat. Iont like ‘Motivation’ any better – not sure why it’s getting play like it is either…but then again, I’m not a radio person

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