How To Tweet Your Resume As A Baller Wolf To Get A Job

when the going gets tough,
the tough get to job hunting on twitter.
the following wolf just got waived from his team.

delonte west took to twitter to look for a new job.
when you look at the following,
i had to ask:
would you hire him?

i could see him as a big time writer!
how impressive is that spelling and sentence structure?
i should be scared.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “How To Tweet Your Resume As A Baller Wolf To Get A Job”

  1. yes lucky we learn new spelling everyday. makes one wonder what these boys did in college beside beat out vixens party and shoot hoops smh.

  2. This n**** has always been a dim bulb gives the DMV a bad name and sorry Vain the only thing he can teach is how to get arrested carrying guns while speeding lol

      1. IDK, but outside of the gun incident & his stint at Home Depot (yes, he had a job at Home Depot – may be going back), I also believe West is bi-polar or schizophrenic; I just need him to be able to spell resume & guarantee…

  3. Hopefully him and Mama Dee will have the Fantasia Barrino “Speak and Spell under their tree this Christmas. Ooh Lawd, Jesus be a Dictionary. This is beyond sad, but I know there are probably so many Ballers in this same predicament. I am embarrassed for him after reading these tweets.

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