The Way The Escort’s Water Balloon Booty Cheeks Light Up A Room…

looks like certain someone had a nice photo shoot in a seedy motel!…

here he models the latest in “Taxi Cab Confessional Thongs“…

…and here he shows us how wheat Tims always look good with a red fitted….
…and one racing glove.

i wonder what other fly styling of plumped up rump will he show us next?

lowkey: i wonder long it will be before he leaks:

see a red fitted always works!

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “The Way The Escort’s Water Balloon Booty Cheeks Light Up A Room…”

  1. I surely hope that THIS does not become the new fad. He had a really nice body prior to his enhancement, if you will. I wish he would close his mouth sometimes, though.

  2. His butt was fine the way it was. Now I would find it entertaining to see him get fucked tho. I bet it doesn’t even jiggle one bit if you hit it from the back. SMH.

  3. Part of me wants to motorboat his ass and get all kinds of freaky and the other part of me is just shaking my head and asking myself why oh why? His ass is not too far from looking exactly like Blac Chyna’s: ridiculous..BUT at least he doesn’t have a big ass with chicken legs like Hot Rod does now.

  4. I just want to ask these fools one question…..WHY??? I dont understand this new obsession with men getting fake ass. Whatever floats your boat I guess. I still want to know why tho…smh!

  5. and hes a “top”…..lmaoooo he looks pretty fox-like to me. plus now his pics looks photo shopped

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