Where Is…?

… Daddy?

Those who been following my blog should know who Daddy is.
If you don’t, I need you to go a year or two back and brush up.
I may give you a quiz pretty soon lol

BUT, what happened to him?
He couldn’t handle all this good Jamari?
I remember when he was everywhere,
and now he is barely a flick on the radar.
Last I heard, he has found Jesus and is a super church boy.
All the good ones are becoming super religious.
That probably wouldn’t get into our sexual escapades…

…unless he wants to pray afterward.

Let’s hope I see more of him this summer.
I am in need of a good Daddy fix.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Where Is…?”

  1. Your daddy became super religous you heard? all them foxes in the church, yo DADDY might be bangin one of them church foxes lol better check up on it (beyonce)

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