Hey Big Illegal Money Spender, Cum Spend A Little Time With Me…..

i know you got one.
everyone seems to have one.
some people do the usual 9 to 5 with a 6 to 1 on the side.
not everyone wants to slave at two jobs though.
i know people selling avon.
got some people on my left doing mca.
on my right, i know a few selling sex toys.
people are trying to become rich.
fuck that.
sadly, many are trying to become hood rich.

that easy money.
that type of bread that brings the bottles and the bitches.
that type of green that brings vip lists and front row seats.

let instagram tell it,
everyone who lives in the hood has louie, gucci, and prada.
vixens have on loubs and giuseppes.
wolves are throwing bills while sipping on ace of spade bottles.
this is the new “american dream“.
we are attracted to those living that lifestyle,
but i started to wonder…

Is easy money always easy?

Cameras in the ceiling, CĂ©line on my arm
We get Ghosts, you already know what it is
Money stuffed in my bag
Maybach shit! – Rick Ross, Amsterdam

it seems the latest get rich quick in the hood is credit scamming.
it has gotten real bad in ny.
you can’t even swipe your card anywhere without someone getting all your shit.
make a few runs and then return the products for cash.
flip that and then do it again.
do a few scams and you will make some serious dough.
trust i know how it goes down.

but, is doing this all to floss on instagram?
i see some people doing all this illegal shit and being extra obvious.
but this is the hood rich way of life.
once you have money and can live like a rapper,
you get addicted to the lifestyle.
the thrill of going into bergdorf goodman and buying whatever you want.
you can fuck whoever you want because you sex comes with success.
but, the hood rich way is so tacky.
people wearing clothes they don’t know how to spell.
hoping out of expensive cars while living in the projects.
i personally hate to see ratchet ass hood boogers in labels.

i started to wonder if no one wants to work hard anymore?
they told us growing up we have to work hard to live the good life.
is that null and void?
do you get accepted in a certain society if you prove how good of a hustler you are?
is it the new thing to floss your shit all over social networks?
what happened to being discreet?
what happened to making your illegal money on the low and trying to get out the hood?
and, do these people even get caught?

but the lifestyle is addictive.
the attention is orgasmic.
sometimes we say we won’t get involved,
but who wants to be broke?
who wants to be hungry?
you do the quick run and you will be good.
your square will stretch to a circle.
your dark place now turns green.

i had to ask…

Would you do something illegal to make a quick come up?

7 thoughts on “Hey Big Illegal Money Spender, Cum Spend A Little Time With Me…..

  1. Years ago, when I first got out of college, I lived in the same apt. bldg as a stunt queen. I was young and naive and didnt know how this queen could drive all these nice cars and take trips and wear nice clothes etc. He schooled me on what he did and tried to recruit me, saying that since I was clean cut, I could make a killing especially in the surburbs doing stunts at stores. No thank you, I would rather work, at the time, I was working at a low paying job and it would have been easy to fall in that trap, but I got old school values thanks to hardworking honest parents who sacrificed so much for me to get an education. I would never dishonor their name by ending up in jail or prison. Fast forward this same queen the last I heard was in prison, he literally went through 100 of thousands of dollars, drove every dream car their was and lived it up, but does not have shit today.

    I am a natural born cheapskate and I will admit it, I love nice clothes but I know how to shop at discount stores for clothes, shoes, food, etc. I drive a old car that is paid for and would rather spend my money on traveling instead of flossing in the hood. I believe in investing my money and it has paid lovely dividends over the years that I am able to do things that others who put their money in assets that depreciate can not. You can become rich and do the things you like with hard work and saving, it will not be a overnight thing and may take a few years but it will happen.

    S/N I never tell gay dudes too much about me or leave my information around them, because of this stunt queen, he blew my mind when he told me what he could do with just a little of your information. On another note, these rappers, singers, and actors, are rich on paper and many live way above their means, making the same financial mistakes that hoodrats make. Real wealthy people never floss or show off, its mostly people with new money who are tacky and garish.

  2. I would never do anything illegal just to get cash. It’s not even worth it because you will eventually get caught. The people getting by are just getting lucky. People have been doing this for years.

  3. No, I would never what’s the point of me getting arrested over a damn shirts or pants. Plus, the people who steal the Gucci, Prada, and the other high end labels still looking tacky and cheap in it. They can wear all the labels in the world but at the end of the day you can see their real character. The labels wear them, not them wearing the labels.

  4. I was a manager in retail so I know for a fact that some people make their living by scamming these retail stores. These section 8 females bring in needle nose players and cut sensors of merchandise in fitting rooms and then return what they stole for store credit. Hell some of the grab as much as they can carry and run out. I’ve seen it all! The ones who have too many strikes even recruit younger girls to take the fall.

    My thing is this illegal shit people (especially black) do is not going to make them wealthy. That little money they make is going to slip through their fingers just as quickly as it came.

    I’m not that concerned with being rich, as long as all my needs are met and I can spoil myself occasionally Im good.

  5. That ‘stunt’ has been in pulled for centuries, esp in the urban gay community. Remember ‘Paris Is Burning’?

    I know I could make a killing doing all of that but my conscience is too loud. I just can’t see myself stealing from people and being okay with that because the money is good. Good easy money don’t last long.

    Even with MCA, as good as the money is, I don’t plan on doing this long. I am using it as a legit stepping stone to go for my dreams.

    I don’t desire to sell my ass, shake my ass or stunt n steal from honest hard working people because I don’t want that karma coming back on me.

    I do understand the hoodlums who do that shit though. A lot of them come from nothing and they probably feel like they are never going to be shit because their families ain’t shit. They living in the gutter and they just want to to feel what it’s like to be the Jayz and the Beyonces’. I get it.

    I tell people, it’s okay to want to be wealth or living comfortably but you have to be legit about it. Tap into your talents and skills and get your hustle on! Many have made it out of the hoods so why can’t you?

    Instead of buying Gucci and bs like that, invest some of that money. Make that money work for you so that you can eventually have LONG money.

    Life expectancy is short in the hood anyway so i guess they feel like ‘I might as well live it up now’.

    Not to mention most of them don’t want to leave the hood. SMFH

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