Allow Others To See The Beauty In Me As I Do Them

i can’t snuggle up next to a hard dick.
i can’t find warmth inside a fat ass.
i’m a fox who likes the beauty in a wolf.
the whole wolf.
nothing but the wolf.

… that’s it.

4 thoughts on “Allow Others To See The Beauty In Me As I Do Them

  1. YES Jamari!

    I am like that to the T.

    I am not hung up on how phat a dude’s ass is or how skillful he is with the throat (although those are good qualities..LOL)

    I don’t care how fine he is or how much money he got.

    I am about getting to know the spirit. How do you treat others? What do you feel about yourself? How do you treat your mother? Do you believe in God? Stuff like that matters to me.

    So often we focus on all the wrong things and get mad after the fact. We gotta stop overlooking our blessings because you never know when your prince charming is among you and you keep paying him dust for the villian in disguise!

  2. The outside is a factor for me, but how the person acts and treats other people is what determines whether or not I’m going to give them my time.

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