add olivia dope to the list of people with gasoline for joe budden

joe budden‘s forest is ablaze and it’s not looking good for him.
he should never had done his friends the way he did.
that spark created a forest fire that is putting his reputation ablaze.
rory and mal gave their side this weekend:


…but ima get on them in a second.
in 2020,
joe launched a podcast with all vixens called “see, the thing is“.
it featured mandi b,
bridget kelly,
and olivia dope.
olivia dope ended up leaving but she revealed it was because of joe budden.
she has a 26:00 minute conversation with us about it on her ig…

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God Sees…

tumblr_mh6owexzBA1qhmhdfo1_500i felt a little down tonight.
it’s expected.
i realize that it won’t get any easier yet.
i was scrolling down my tumblr TL and saw this entry.
i wanted to share it with everyone.
i know besides me,
someone else out there is going through it.
this message maybe needed for the foxhole…

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WOLF MEAT: (297)

he wants you to see that his butt cheeks are clean.

wet_ones_flushabel_wipes1__01696_zoomjust for you

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Allow Others To See The Beauty In Me As I Do Them

i can’t snuggle up next to a hard dick.
i can’t find warmth inside a fat ass.
i’m a fox who likes the beauty in a wolf.
the whole wolf.
nothing but the wolf.

… that’s it.