add olivia dope to the list of people with gasoline for joe budden

joe budden‘s forest is ablaze and it’s not looking good for him.
he should never had done his friends the way he did.
that spark created a forest fire that is putting his reputation ablaze.
rory and mal gave their side this weekend:


…but ima get on them in a second.
in 2020,
joe launched a podcast with all vixens called “see, the thing is“.
it featured mandi b,
bridget kelly,
and olivia dope.
olivia dope ended up leaving but she revealed it was because of joe budden.
she has a 26:00 minute conversation with us about it on her ig…


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in a nutshell,
joe budden repeatedly came on to her during this one segment of the show:

olivia said it was severely edited but allegedly joe:

  • said he wanted to fuck he
  • dry humped her
  • called her a bitch on-air
  • told her to unbutton her shirt
  • created favoritism between her and the other co-hosts

i guess this is just “business” is since thats what excuse all his minions are using.

i mean everything she claims is absolutely disgusting,
but his exes all alleged his abusive and disrespectful behavior so we shouldn’t b shocked.
i’m sure folks think she is lying and don’t believe her.
they didn’t believe scottie beam either.

a lot of folks love to turn the other cheek to nonsense.
those other chicks on that podcast kept quiet because they needed a gig.
they should have walked tbh.
he has charmed some of us as his audience.
rory and mal were friends with him for years and kept quiet.
they watched him do all this shit and turned the other cheek.

I guess it’s different since they didn’t think he would turn on them?

joe has since apologized after he saw rory and mal speak about how they were treated:

i’m starting to believe is a legit narc and is a def case study.
i hope olivia continuesto heal and move forward from this.
i need joe to seriously re-evaluate his behavior.

4 thoughts on “add olivia dope to the list of people with gasoline for joe budden

  1. I really don’t understand when people jump on the “Cancel Tour” after somebody else is in the spotlight. Their first statement is, “I didn’t want to tell anybody this but…”. This is 2021. The same way you can jump on anybody’s LIVE and share your story after “years”, is the same way you can tell it then. Now I get how certain situations is understandable. Joe has been an issue for a long time. I can’t put my finger on how one man who has a podcast show can be feared. Its a podcast. This is not satellite radio. A physical radio station. His dirty laundry has been on TV, that was perfect to tell the story. Everybody wants to be famous on somebody else’s time. She can easily download Anchor.Fm and say her same story and post it on multiple networks. Its that easy to make a podcast and you can use your phone, AirPod headphones, or any Bluetooth Headset.

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