has andre marhold finally found some walls for his weaponry to destroy on onlyfans?

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i was just saying to myself i haven’t seen super attentionisto,
andre marhold,
in a minute.
he was everywhere during the rona,
but then he vanished.
one of the biggest issues andre had was:

he can’t find anyone to take that big meat of his.
it seems that isn’t the case anymore.
he has found two trans vixens,
@Brandybugotti87 and @therealTSparris,
to star alongside him in “take this meat“…




…but it seems like it’s oral only for these gals.
does this means bobby lytes and him are over,

or are they in some open situation?
i haven’t kept up with their saga.

andre also did a scene with the cash twins:

…but folks are accusing them of dry humping.




unless their walls are non-existent,
they seem really calm to be taking that disrespectful dick.
it comes off like a good acting job,
but i guess it serves to the fantasy.
i’m really shocked no one is out here trying to be the first to take andre’s pipe.
white twink fox,
i guess he will continue to be an oral + dry humpin’ wolf in this onlyfans journey of his.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “has andre marhold finally found some walls for his weaponry to destroy on onlyfans?”

  1. Him and Bobby been over. The Twins, ok let me rephrase that, the β€œCash” twins, definitely don’t fake their scenes. Both of them share dick. They been around a bunch of porn stars. They are just one of the many sets of twins fucking porn stars on Onlyfans.

    1. I agree with you and i like the twins as boys now they want to be girls. I hate that. The females with Andre that reminds of the Paul Pierce video with him and females twerking. That was the video that got him fired from ESPN.

  2. I am so grossed out by this man…. Jamari I know this your blog, but let this man R.I.P. from here cause this man is just doing anything and truly doesn’t deserve anybodies attention….πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    1. If a dude can’t take, people talk shit. If he can take dick, people talk shit. That alone is a shame. Is the love for being negative so strong that we literally say shit that don’t make sense just to do it? Kinda sad when as a person, you’d rather post something negative about a person than something good because something positive don’t bring as much joy and laughter as something negative.

  3. He need to start fucking real gsy men that can take dick. I’m not into the trans sex! Not my cup of tea. Men on men action or men and real women sex only for me.

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