when you hate being penetrated, but love dick too (cousin confused)

i had an interesting conversation with “cousin confused” today.
he use to be “cousin hybrid”,
but i’ll get into why that’s changed in a few.
so he called me at like 1:30pm.
i thought something was wrong or someone was dead.
a force of habit.
he wanted to talk about something,
but we ended up talking for a few hours

he called me to ask about the law of attraction and crystals,
but we got into sex and the life.
he told me that he is having issues with his sexuality.
it’s not that he wants to be straight,
but he doesn’t know what role he feels comfortable in.

he told me how he doesn’t like being a fox.
at all.
he thought he would be a fox because during his first time,
he was 14 and lost his virginity to a wolf in his late twenties.
he said it almost felt like rape.
the wolf didn’t understand the word “no” and was too rough.
that experience lowkey scarred him.
he doesn’t feel like a full fox tho.
my cousin is obsessed with tail.
he loves tail like a fat cub loves cake.
the thing is,
he doesn’t know if he prefers being a full wolf either.
he still likes dick,
but doesn’t like taking it or receiving head.
he doesn’t mind giving it tho.

maybe you’re a hybrid?”

he said he’s only attracted to masculine males,
but seems to only meet full wolves.
they want to fuck him and he isn’t interested.
so he feel stuck and confused about where he stands.

“would you ever top anyone?” – he asked me.

not interested.”

i’m okay with my decision to be a strict fox.
like him,
people use to make me feel very insecure being one.
almost like i was a leper,
yet the snow twinks could get a pass.
we all have gone through this in the life.

strict wolves after being foxes
masculine and feel uncomfortable being bent over
feminine and want to dominate masculine males
checkbox: “undecided”

we have all felt those insecurities at one point or another.
not me.
i always enjoyed being a fox.
nothing makes me nut like a sexy wolf in between my thighs.
it takes a lot of exploring to figure out where you stand.
once you do,
things get a little easier tho.

11 thoughts on “when you hate being penetrated, but love dick too (cousin confused)

  1. A good book is Sextrology. The gay prone to be bottoms are gemini cancers aquarians. Vers leos libra scorpio sagittarian pieces tops aries taurus virgo capricorn until they get good dick in my opinion.

  2. I guess you can say that I’m a fox, because I love being a bottom. I have top few times. But I love being a bottom more.
    A fox can get in and out without anyone knowing you was ever there.

  3. It’s one of the reason I consider myself a top. I botttomed my first time and thought this is not what I expected it to be. Fuck. This. (Pardon the pun.

  4. I enjoy taking dick but I do get the urge to smash some ass every now and then. At least eat some ass while sucking dick. I enjoy being gay and being able to switch it up and explore. We don’t have to stick to what the straights do or go by. I think the gays get too caught up on roles and positions instead of enjoying being gay with their man. It’s not that serious.

  5. Full fledged Fox reporting for duty! Now in my Jennifer Lewis voice what’s all this nonsense about flipping and flopping! Stick to the status quo! Cue the music at first I was afraid I was petrified now I am saying I want this dick and I grew strong to take it all night long

  6. The problem is people act like oral and anal are the only way to have sex. I have seen plenty of Jack’d profiles that said “Mutual jerkoff” or “Oral only”. So I am sure there is someone who would jerk him off or even engage in frottage. I suggest you tell him to look into that. Might be up his alley.

  7. Started out straight up bottom…then got the request to top..liked it..loved it…Id rather top but some special cases get the cakes…Don’t bottom much like I used to…but I get the itch every now and again. Not caught in between or confused..just .takes time,J. This life is confusing enough..lol

  8. I only like dick if I like you. If we don’t vibe and their isn’t a connection I’m gonna feel like Whitney Houston in Waiting to exhale, “A keeper at the damn zoo.”

    Also, if you’re gonna top me and be all passive & timid, you getting out.

  9. Its weird cause i don’t mind it but I don’t always want to bottom. I’ve received a lot of requests, when i was out here hoeing, to bottom because of what my tail looks like and etc.

    I just never wanted to because I’ve only had 3 experiences where I actually enjoyed the feeling. I Honestly prefer just foreplay or oral to bottoming which I’ve received a lot of negative feedback for.

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