meet “three”, “four”, and “five” in marvin bienaime’s “the naked nine”

i couldn’t go without posting some meat for the foxhole.
as usual,
marvin bienaime brings chest,
and thigh.
so as you know,
his shoot for his “the naked nine” has brought the best of them.
“jail” being “one” of the best:

…including robby xl,
i guess these are three,
and five in that list…




i just…
i just couldn’t…
it’s like inviting someone to your crib that you about to mess with,
they start taking off their clothing,
and it’s BAWDY after BAWDY.
i would be a mess and probably cum before the destivities started.
this is why i font and leave ^that kinda stuff to the professionals.

lowkey: can we get the @ for these folks?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “meet “three”, “four”, and “five” in marvin bienaime’s “the naked nine””

  1. I really want to buy this book,but something is telling me that all these dudes aren’t full naked just like he said about the calendar I was looking Marshaun nudes but no nice pics. Hopefully someone will post the pics on Tumblr, Twitter, or even right hear for our eyes to see. I still have time to think about before 3/1/19 pre-order date

  2. FBI: kris_andretti for the IG of the light skinned…The 864 tattoo made me do some work…Those South Carolina, VA, and Bama boys are bad

  3. I know Marvin must be beside himself when he be shooting these men. Like to see so much fine-ness naked, right in front of you, is insane. Even if he isnt turning them out or doing something sexual with them, I would love to be a fly on the wall just to see “it”. I mean, who be rubbing these men down with baby oil? Marvin? Or does he have a female do that? Whoever it is is about to mysteriously disappear if you know what I mean, lol

    1. 😀 A few months ago he posted a video and there was a black woman(his assistant I think) applying baby oil to the model but it wasn’t a nude photoshoot.She was rubbing oil on the guy’s arms.

  4. I love the models he pull a lot, but the more I research other stuff like like his, the more I realize he’s a ripoff. I dont mind supporting someone’s hustle, but I just don’t see the premium for what he’s charging.

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