was jussie smollett trying to win best actor in a polar vortex?

ya’ll just mean in the forests of la.
some of ya’ll have replaced posters to mock jussie smollett.
i mean bringing “black panther” into this debacle:

i can’t.
so this story gets more allegedly twisted as reports start to come out.
before the incident,
jussie rehearsed the entire thing with the mandingo warrior wolves.
this is what “tmz” had to report…

Jussie Smollett rehearsed the “attack” against him days before the incident and it was all staged for the camera, this according to what the 2 brothers told cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Abel and Ola Osundairo told cops they got in a car with Jussie and scouted a location, settling on the one right outside the actor’s apartment. The brothers said Jussie chose the spot because he believed a camera would have captured the action.

Our sources say the brothers told police Jussie said he wanted to make it a “physical thing,” but not to the point he’d be seriously injured.  

On the night Jussie says he was attacked, the brothers claim they showed up at the scene but were extremely nervous because, just as they played out the scene, a car drove by and they were worried they’d be ID’d.

Our sources say the brothers performed per the rehearsal — they screamed out they recognized Jussie from “Empire” and then hurled the racist n-word and the homophobic f-word.  

The brothers told cops they “made contact with Jussie’s face” but it was “weak.” They said they didn’t know how he suffered the bruises but the staged fight was not designed to injure him.

it’s like,
i keep asking myself if this is a joke?
i’m still so confused at it all foxhole.
he shoulda knew this was a dumb plan tho.
he’s a public figure who has access to things most of us don’t.
i saw a map of the street were this all happened:

you mean to tell me that in sub-zero temps,
an actor walked somewhere in the middle of the night?
someone who has access to any car service he wants chose to walk?
someone who just got off a long flight didn’t get his food on the way home?
seriously foxhole?

during that time,
it was cold af in new yawk and i didn’t even want to go to work.
i’d be damned walking to any kind of subway at 2am during -10 below.
i said to myself when the story first broke:

your stupidity got you attacked jussie!”

i hope he can explain this.
 the anticipation for an answer has my butt cheeks clenched.

lowkey:if true,
the mandingos was stupid to go along with this plan.
they do give a good “henchman” tho:

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “was jussie smollett trying to win best actor in a polar vortex?”

  1. I said it a jack hookup gone wrong! However Jussie set us back by 10 years! I didn’t believe him then I don’t believe him now! The fact that he is a cancer like me only makes it worse! Jussie has been added to the list of 50 cent and Wendy Williams as messy cancers! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      1. I’m a Cancer too!!!! Yay Cancer season. June on this side.

        Not for nothin, this is overkill. I don’t believe Jussie’s story, however, it’s not that serious that you have to put up fake posters in Los Angeles. Charge him or keep it movin.

        1. Nah, stay away from the July one’s and don’t play with our emotions and you’ll be good. U must be a Capricorn or a Sag to say something so egregious lol 👀👀👀👀

          1. As a Capricorn and opposite of Cancer I have to concur. Yall some moody mufuckas. And love to play the victim, it’s why I was initially skeptical of Jussie story. I will say the July ones are the worst. I know Jamari and he seem like a cool exception lol. Cancer women are awesome tho. Oh and disclaimer: Not all Cancers.

          2. ^can admit my moodiness.
            i think with maturity,
            many cancers can see where they were wrong.
            i’m glad you said not all of us.
            i can admit when i’m a doofus.

    1. I’m a Cancer, and i STILL believe. This makes NO sense about a hookup. Dude was on IG live the ENTIRE weekend, up to hours before the attack. If it were a hook up gone wrong, why go to the hospital? Why call his manager? Everyone knows he’s gay, i’m sure Lee Daniel wouldn’t have given a damn. I just don;t see the gain. If someone lies, fine. BUT WHAT’S THE GAIN? He’s on a hit TV show. He has thousands of fans. Dude just toured Africa. He has notoriety, fame and money, so WHAT’S THE GAIN???? We’re so busy believing the same Police Dept that covered up R. Kelly’s assaults for years….

        1. June 22nd here too, i wasn’t surprised that Jussie would go get his own meals and such. My personal experience is celebs are regular folk and do that all the time. KANYE used to go to Wawa (convenience store) in the middle of the night alone when staying at my hotel all the time. Same with most celebs like Denzel who just wears a hat and no one knows its him. I was surprised by how cold it was tho. I’m still convinced he was more involved with them brothers too. He was probably used to paying them for favors. As a Cancer I’m pulling a Mariah Carey and just claiming “I don’t know her”.

  2. Looks like Jussie done fucked up!! He has a great career most of us dream of, and to pull some shit like this. What was his motive for doing this? Then to have people defending you, when you know that you’re lying. Do you think he’s on drugs or something?? I just don’t get it.

    1. Jussie got an album coming out on March 2. Maybe this was a publicity stunt to drum up attention for the album? I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but when he started performing at a concert 2 days after the incident with alleged “bruised” ribs, I was like, how the hell he recover that fast from bruised ribs? Then I noticed the ticket prices for said concert jumped from $20 to $75 after this story broke. If this truly is a hoax, this is a long way to go for attention whoring to promote a concert and a album and to be the “next gay Tupac”. Im no psychologist but I did take a couple of courses in university and this Jussie hoax situation has Munchausen Syndrome and Narcissistic Personality Disorder written all over it.

  3. Yeah so I think I’m over Jussie and I feel a lot are. I’m still trying to figure out his objective from this? But in the meantime I never had a threesome and um I would love to rehearse over and over till I get it right with those two fine chocolate muscle head mandingos warriors.

  4. Lol. They are doing the most with this I swear. The media will do anything to get people minds off bigger issues. I can also see on my Twitter how heterobots are saying Black oppression and gay oppression aren’t the same. 400 years of slavery some dummy said and the Black experience

    Black Twitter is dumb…400 years of physical slavery and they still a slave in the mind. SMH. Dummies.

    I dunno bout y’all. Y’all can claim them as your people but they ain’t no people of mine. I don’t care what skin color they are. If you don’t accept my cause, get the fuk up out my space cause I don’t want any of that energy. IDGAF to be honest. If Jussie lied oh well…R. Kelly been lying for years, and they asses been knew it since Clinton was thotin in the White House. 🤷‍♂️ Those Heterobots pick n choose what they wanna shame but wonder why they still under the curse. The wheels on the bus go round and round..Go figure..

  5. Well, Musty Smollett will have a lot of time to think about the damage he’s done to both the black and lgbt+ communities…behind bars! Hopefully, he’ll be of good use in the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center’s “alternative lifestyle unit” warning the baby gays of the dangers in being a stunt queen…

    Ya’ll remember Ms. Foxy…???

  6. Lol, y’all better stop coming for the Cancers. (Like I’m not into the horoscope stuff too muchmuc honest but to add to the convo) I’m a July Cancer. We ain’t dangerous..we just don’t put up with the bullshit of the other signs who are often very insensitive. If you are genuine and respect a Cancer, you have a friend and a lover for life..but if you are two faced, negative and brash like most other signs tend to be at times, you will get the shell pretty quick.

    We are artsy, reserved type. As Badu said, “I’m an artist and I’m senstive about my shit.” We are nurturing by nature & very sensitive. Jussie being Cancer or in Hebrew terms a “pastor spirit” makes sense. I was a loner and did a lot on my own to ease my mind. Idk about 2am -10 strides tho.

    For the love of God Capricorns,and Aries are like my enemies. Capricorns think they know everything and are materialistic, while Aries can’t seem to watch their mouths.

    I’ve have some good interactions with Scorpios. My childhood friend of 20+ years is a Leo. I love and am very attracted to the intellect of Capricorns. I love intellectuals but never get along with Caps because of their aloofness and materialistic ways. We usually bump heads. Haven’t interacted with the other types as much.

    I’m not surprised there are lots of Cancers here. The Caps ate prob here to waiting for the right post to comment on for their angle. 🤣🤣

      1. Hey Jamari, I sent you a message through the website last week suggesting you dedicate a post to finding out information about everyone that visit’s your blog. Like nobody has to give their name, or exact address, but if they could give their zodiac sign and the state they live in, I think that would be interesting to see how many of us are alike…just like the cancer situation. Wouldnt have known there were soo many Cancers here…I think thats neat. Maybe you could even do a survey to keep it anonymous. Any cancers here that live in Maryland?

  7. He been lyin from jump but because I dint like to discredit ppl when they claimed they’ve been attacked I reserved judgement until more info came out. I have no clue why he would do this but I can only surmise it’s due to attention and narcissism. Jussie really wants his career to pop, but he is only known as Jamal. A big reason is it’s obvious his acting and vocal range is limited. He literally plays himself on the show. Unfortunately this does no favors to victims of hate crimes especially black gays.

    And as the resident Cap I gotta give all u cancers hell lol. The victim complex some of yall carry is damn near inspirational lmao. That’s why it didnt shock me at all Jussie made dis all up he got his whole life from all this sympathy and attention. Not saying cancers are all bad but I kno the tactics like a book. My dad and a bunch of my cousins are cancers it’s a vibe wit yall. But Jamari dis is yo site so u a cool cancer in my book haha.

        1. Lmao we dont know it all but we do know 99.9%. I know Cancers too well I dont even really hate them just aware of their negative tendencies. If I could compliment them I’d say Cancer men are good in bed and usually well endowed.

          1. I’ll give you that much. Us Cancers have dicks that are usually bigger than our bae. Probably only matched by Scorps.

  8. Jamari keep the updates coming.
    I’m placing bets that more powerful people may be involved in this messiness.

    But can you imagine the juicy details detectives may be getting from investigating every moment of Jessie’s life including phone and internet records? I once dated a court marshal attorney for the marines corp during the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” era. He told me about a group of marines who were dishonorably discharged from the military for recording themselves in an orgy. As one of the legal arms of the military he had to view ALL of the videos. He told me these marines were so damn phine he could not believe his eyes. Anyway, that’s just my passing thoughts on some of the tea detectives may be unearthing with those sexy ass Nigerians and Jussie.

    Lawd I need a Fanta soda for the thirst. 🥵

  9. I just don’t understand the rush to believe any of this. I just don’t fucking get it. Maybe I’m different but I will not discredit his story until it’s confirmed, not alleged. Too much energy is being given to unconfirmed gossip.

    Is it not possible that the brothers are lying to cover their own asses? Is it possible that the Chicago PD is purposely releasing accusations to ruin Jussie’s credibility? Or is it only possible that Jussie lied… 🤨

    IMO, Jussie was doomed from the start. Whether he is being truthful or lying, the black community (including gays) will never rally behind a black gay man that has been victimized by hate.

    I.E. the TWO black men that died at Ed Bucks home who only received 48 hours of press.

    1. I Agree with you hundred percent these two Nigerian men are still in jeopardy if they investigate and find out they were lying to police To cover their asses And to throw Jessie under the bus Many people want Jesse Smollett head Including celebrities and Trump supporters and Black civil rights activist and many others It will take a miracle to help that Jesse Smollett did not staged this attack

  10. What would help his career is if the brothers story proved THEY lied and he had no parts in any of this but their story does sound credible. Who goes out in -20 for a damn subway sandwich that’s going to be frozen by the time you walk in the building! The coldest storm and you decide to go to Subway! Instead of sending an assistant or calling somebody to get it. He calls his manager in the middle of the night for what reason before you get attacked. People in Chicago don’t go out when it’s zero degrees period. Two am, is where it was supposed to be the extremely coldest and he is out going to Subway? Then they threw bleach on you and your skin is fine and you not sick. Your face is only bruised and not fucked up. This is what makes me believe this was staged because they did not harm him. He went home then made a call then went to the hospital. He checked himself and went home. If somebody is going to attack a famous person, they want their bruises to show. This whole thing looked like a bad episode of Empire because it looked staged from the beginning and he walked away with no bruises. Even the two men said they didn’t touch him so how he got those bruises must’ve been when he went home and did some Lynn Whitfield things and beat his own ass up like she did in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. He didn’t want to turn his phone over to the police until a couple days later. He made them turn off body cameras. He told them it was white men who jumped him but when they showed him the two brothers, he immediately identified them and said those were the men. Any lawyer is going to eat that up and hang him with that. As many times as we hate for black men getting accused of any crime by someone not black, the first defense, “do this person even look like he has the same skin complexion”. Even in the dark, you identified two white men, in the dark and later two black men during the day. Something not right. The only thing that the police didn’t notice is the fact something did happen but they didn’t have actual footage so they used nearby footage and caught the brothers in the same area. It was easy because NOBODY ELSE WAS OUTSIDE IN BELOW ZERO WEATHER! Then you keep changing your story every time you go to an event.

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