i’d vomit with that big thing going down my throat

i haven’t gotten into asmr fully.
i hear there are some that help you sleep.
i mean,
i know of it because i watched ones with cardi and quincy:

…which i thought were pretty funny.
of course,
everyone is jumpin’ on that wave for popularity.
there are many with folks eating food,
which confuses me,
but this one

i nearly threw up.
has it come to this?
giving folks views to watch them eat now?
i mean,
i guess.
i can’t watch her deep throating that lobster,
but can someone explain to me..

WHY is that lobster so damn big?

what super hero defeated that creature?
i didn’t think lobsters got that big.
i guess they had to kill it in a swimming pool.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “i’d vomit with that big thing going down my throat”

  1. I have no comment on Quincy or Cardi, but that motherucking sow gobbling down that lobster didn’t even have the decency to say excuse me. I was just waiting for her to choke! I never heard of an ASMR video or a mukbang with all of that goddamn moaning. She has mental issues and I refuse to condone gratuitous obesity. At this point these YouTubers are being ridiculous.

    BTW Auntie Spirit (ASMR The Chew) is the G.O.A.T.

  2. Thats eat with que and thats not really asmr. Its more of a mukbang. Everyone thinks im so wierd because I watch these. Lmfaooo. I prefer mukbangs over asmr though. Theres just something about mukbangs that I like. If you think shes bad go check out BLovesLife. She is over the top.

  3. Honey, that Lobster came from Bedrock!! It was made personally by Wilma!!! 🀣🀣🀣

  4. I always eat very daintily in front of a guy. I’ll be darned if I smack my lips and chew loudly for all of the world to see.

  5. That mukbang shit is DISGUSTING. Bitch, nooooobody wanna see nobody eat all nasty and stink. Mad cholesterol and grease running down your jaw. Who watches other people eat? Makin money off of stupid shit πŸ™„

    1. β€œEat all nasty and stink” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m fuckin ROLLIN!!! ESPECIALLY when people do it eating them damn CRAB LEGS!

  6. Quincy is such a humble guy. He so down to earth. Met him on the set of star along with Evan Ross , Brittney ogrady and the others. Hmmmm that’s the time I wanted to knock the f out of dominican wolf lol. Ugh what she was doing in the video is something they been doing in South Korea for a while called Mukbang aka “eating broadcast. They make videos of themselves eating and people watch. It’s quite popular there.

      1. Quincy is crazy. Also very paranoid. But he good ppl. He probably thought I was talking about him (which I was in a good way) because I was pointing his way. Kim raised him right. Happy diddy didn’t run off on them. His family from Columbus, GA so he a southern gentleman lol. What I like about him he stays outta drama and keeps his private life private as should be.

          1. Na…….I’m just saying I was pointing and he kept looking over there at me. He very nice. He treat everybody the same. I wish he did messed around but as far as I know he’s STRAIGHT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. Him being around miss combs he probably seen some things lol. If he did he’d probably have the baddest wolf.

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