oprah wants us to leave michael jackson alone and end his legacy

back in 1993,
oprah winfrey had the biggest interview of her entire career.
it was with the late and great,
michael jackson.
that interview drew in 100 million viewers from around the world
well in 2019,
it seems oprah is out to ruin the late legend.
there’s a documentary about michael jackson called “leaving neverland”.
it will premiere on hbo tonight (3/3) at 8 pm.
this is what was put on her “o magazine” put up on instagram…

people have been dragging oprah ever since that post.
i don’t blame them.
she is even doing an interview with the accusers on own after the doc:

i have fonted about my love and respect for oprah throught the years.
she is one person i have admired with how she has handled(s) her career.
this recent shit with michael jackson tho…

I’m very disappointed with her

it seems she has been on a quest to destroy michael jackson’s legacy.
i don’t know what went down behind the scenes with them,
but she has been a heat-seeking missile since.

it truly bothers me that he isn’t alive to defend himself.

i don’t believe michael molested any children.
he has been proven innocent way many times in his past.
wasn’t it 14 times?
they tormented him while he was alive,
but even in death,
he is still up for judgment.
that being fonted,
i refuse to watch that documentary.
even though my role is of “blogger”,
and it’s wise to be in the know,
the whole process of the documentary doesn’t sit well with me.
my spirit hasn’t taken to the accusers behind the documentary either.
i don’t know why this is the hill oprah chooses to die on,
but i hope she gets whatever closure she is trying to achieve.
i hope her career doesn’t close with it.
it’s weird because she’s friends with this hyena:

…but there are no special interviews for his countless victims.
the whole situation is truly baffling to me.

lowkey: mo’nique is looking more and more right.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “oprah wants us to leave michael jackson alone and end his legacy”

  1. I believed Oprah is wrong for doing this interview. Michael is dead and he can not defend himself. Oprah is very friendly with Weinstein and she have not interviewed the women nor supported them. But when he comes to Michael Jackson, she wants to jump and have and interview with his accusers. The interview that Michael gave her back in the day jump her career ahead. We all know that Oprah does what is best for her career. I believe the majority of her staff is white. Why can’t she hire black employees like Tyler Perry. Why don’t someone do a story on Oprah and how she pretends to be for the black community but she want hire black people. I truly hope that Oprah will apologize to the Jackson family for taking advantage of a dead man. Shame on you – Oprah. I hope your rating goes down the tube.

  2. Michael admittedly slept in the same bed as kids he wasn’t related to. We all have our own opinions but his behaviour will always be suspect to me.

  3. I am not about to join the Instant Rage Mobs online by dragging Oprah. I lubbs me some Oprah and anyone who bashes her can fly straight to hell. She deserves to make a poor judgment call and this whole MJ thing just might be it.

    And I call bullshtt on these MJ accusers. I read online that they are now taking online DONATIONS from sympathizers.

  4. I wasn’t there to critize Michael or anything and I can’t validate Oprah’s claims but I do know she “sold her soul” a long while back… 😉

    PSA: Jamari, this isn’t directly related to the topic but think you should do a post a post or look up information about the alarming rate of blacks coming up missing (namely females and kids) me and a friend recently noticed that folks have been kidnapping blacks and they have been finding some mutilated with their organs missing. There are some blacks in on this as well…Seems like a growing trend I believe now.

  5. Folks been confessing about MJ abusing them BEFORE the Thriller era. Countless families were paid off just like the R.kelly situation the difference is Jackson didn’t have videos surface of his atrocities. Again and again people treat these celebs like Gods because of their music and wealth and let them get away with the most sinister things. It’s sad that if you have a coin you can do anything you want and the rebuttal of constantly comparing every Black person who does something egregious to a White person with a similar past is deflecting and has become the go to tactic in the Black community when we don’t want to address things. I just have a question When will we hold our people accountable for the foul things they do and stop blaming the mentioning of their crimes as a ploy or etc.

    1. I totally agree. I’m sick of black people always turning a blind eye to shit because they have this undying loyalty to them. I would never rule out anything without seeing all the facts. I went I school for law and just because someone was found unguilty does not mean they are innocent. MJ got off the same way R Kelly got off but both of them are SICK! I watched this documentary and the way these men detail the sexual abuse is very believable. They have proof of MJ stringing them along and making them feel like besties so he could have his way with their young penises and booties. MJ was fucking one of them boys all up in through Neverland in private rooms and attics. The other he was sucking and rimming like nobody business. How do you suck a 7 year old penis? Just disgusting and horrifying. I just don’t understand how you let your kids sleep in the same bed as a grown ass man that ain’t their father?!? How do you let your kids be alone with a grown ass man? Ain’t enough money in the world to sell my soul and my kids. How is Oprah destroying MJ when he destroyed himself years ago with his bullshit? I’m not understanding the flawed thinking. Why are we dragging Oprah because she has her own mind and came to her own conclusions about the situation.?!? I cannot!

  6. I’m in complete agreement with you and everything you say and I truly have always been that girl screaming “f*** Oprah” cause I never felt good energy from here, she has a very apparent old school way of thinking BUT as an ENTP ultimate devil’s advocate I must say/ask why are we putting so much trust into a justice system that has failed many black men waaaayyyy more than 14 times. And has failed millions of victims everywhere from all walks of life so I must also ask did it fail these children? With that being said I think you should for blogging purposes watch it but on bootleg sites so it doesn’t have your support by counting as a view for HBO. That’s all. I know it’s tough cause we all love him but we should watch unsupported.

  7. Jamari, I don’t want to believe these rumors either, but even a few what I consider sane and non-knee-jerk types have viewed it prelease and they’re like u can’t help but walk away from the documentary thinking he messed w/ those kids… idk what their evidence is (I guess it’ll be revealed tonite) but whatever it is appears to be quite convincing… so perhaps I can understand O’s POV on the matter, esp considering she’s a survivor of child abuse.

  8. I agree with you .. She herself has flaws like all of us:

    1) Unwed , 16 year old and Pregnant

    2) A Confessed Crack Head

    3) T. H,O. T. ( Stedman’s Boyfriend is number one )

    4) Ashamed of being A Lesbian ( Her nor Gail are Married Black , Rich, No Kids and Religious??)

    I’m not judging her and personally don’t feel that the above are negative ,but people feel differently than I do and could pull her through the mud due to being flawed.

    Besides Micheal has been proven innocent , can’t defend himself

    1. You don’t even deserve a response to the idiotic foolery you just wrote, but ima give you one. “I’m not judging Oprah” but you called her a lying lesbian thot. Go sit down! YOU SOUND DUMB!

      1. Whoaa that person didnt say that!! But she is a lesbian and she is a liar!! So what about it ?? She is also a hypocrite a snake and a disgrace to the humans!! #MUTEOPRAH the lying bich

  9. Oprah is full of shit, forget that he’s been proven innocent and multiple court cases, the fact that the man is dead & can’t defend himself is most disgusting… I don’t feature Monique AT ALL, but she’s proving everyone right!

    1. ^i find it so disgusting antonio.
      it’s gross to me as well.

      even though mo’nique handled it absolutely crazy,
      she was might have been on to something.
      i think oprah needs to leave this alone because she won’t come out good.

      1. Didn’t Wade Robinson testify in “Court Under Oath” they Michael Jackson did not touch him??!? His credibility should be brought into extreme question! I feel like if you did not say it then….. Get healing bruh-bruh seek counseling but he should have said it then. Hell if it’s true he denied somebody else from getting the just they deserved by not being honest! Just seems pointless now…

        1. Wade did testify, but his excuse/reasoning was because Michael to him that if he told they would BOTH go to jail and never see their families again.
          He wasn’t paid for the interview but both him and the other guy she interviewed have civil suits against the estate.
          How many have accused Michael of sexual abuse? Other than the one kid they paid a settlement to many years ago, have any others been paid also?

      2. So you will believe the R Kelly victims but not the Michael Jackson victims. Jamari I need you to look at the court files not just based on your emotions. Michael Jackson slept in the same room and same beds with the kids. I mean good grief the boy described Michael Jackson’s penis, which is why Michael paid the 20 Million dollar settlement. R Kelly was found innocent also, so that means nothing. Watch just like the R Kelly situation more and more victims will come out and Michael Jackson will be exposed. Cmon now use your head why would a grown man be hanging around with little kids all day. This man was a predator and the reason he has gotten away with it so long is because black people refuse to condemn this man and always equate it to the white man is trying to ruin us.

        1. Preach! I couldn’t agree more and I love Jamari but I think he’s letting his personal feelings override his logic and that’s truly a dangerous way to think the selective outrage has to stop if R. Kelly victims are to be believed what’s so special or different about Michael Jackson? These men have no reason to lie at this point they’ve laid everything out as to why they didn’t speak up sooner so what more do you need?

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