d.k. metcalf brought breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the nfl combine

i think nfl combine weekend should be a national holiday for all foxes.
that’s where we’d get to watch good lookin pre baller wolves,
working out in tight compressing shorts,
and start the plotting of who we’d like to take down.
sounds like a perfect world,
well i’d love to watch ^that pre baller wolf work out all weekend.
his name is d.k. metcalf and he plays college football for ole miss.
he was the talk of the combine tho.

His bawdy was the main topic of conversation.

d.k. stands at 6’3 and weighs 228 pounds.
he has a remarkable 1.9 percent bawdy fat.
he is a fuckin’ mountain of muscle.
i bet he can pick my little ass up with no issue.

he is only 21 and judging from his ig stories

he puts in a lot of work.
that already sounds very promising.

lowkey: d.k. is cute…

but has anyone topped how fine devin thomas was?

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “d.k. metcalf brought breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the nfl combine”

      1. That’s a nice piece of man. 21 tho?!? To young for me but I will definitely continue to watch his career.

  1. D.K. is phyne! I also liked me some Montez Sweat. He’s another baller wolf-to-be and broke a record flying down that track like a freight train. There were many more but so far, D.K. Metcalf and Montez Sweat were standouts.

  2. he seems a little self-indulged but I guess you have to have that attitude in his line of profession

  3. I think Metcalf is attractive and definitely has a fantastic physique, but I would hold off on sexy until I see the mentality. I would have to agree with Sixtree and the Truth on this one, there probably is a line of Becky’s just waiting for an opportunity. Let me see him with a black woman and then he will be on the sexy list

  4. J…u made my day! I was wondering when the Combine shots were coming thru…and as always YOU DID! My highlights of the combine is watching the sideline jackals lookin at dick n ass on the sly..getting them angles

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