oh hey, pierre vuala

*first off,
i’d like to thank the foxhole for always sending me good meat.
the ig foxhole comes through heavy.
you have taken the ig foxhole to 12.3k followers.
thank you for all your continuous love and support.

pierre vuala.
he has been on my radar for a while now.
i always find myself keeping myself updated on his ig.
i mean…

what’s not to like

pierre is a haitian-american fitness model,
who is currently signed to wilhelmina.
his dossier includes:


198 lbs
location: new york

he is also a personal training wolf for his own company,
“b3 body goals”.
as you can see,
his bawdy is a teenage dream:

not only does he has an amazing upper bawdy and thighs…

he has a great muscle tail.
i bet he could get mine to look just as good.
you couldn’t tell me nothing with it.


i’d love you to train me in many different ways possible.

photos and videos cc: instagram

visit his training website: b3 body goals

check out his wilhelmina: portfolio

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “oh hey, pierre vuala”

  1. Ugh, he’s dark-skinned, handsome, muscular, a beautiful 🍑, AND 🇭🇹 Haitian/Caribbean (so you know that 🍆 has a 🐢 neck…ijs)!? *faints*
    He’s a nice birthday present, Jamari.

  2. I agree on his smile being his best feature but the vid where he is shirtless in the gray pants. If anyone know that walk at the very first bit of the video. That’s the walk your man does after he finishes fucking you and you watch his booty as he walks out of the room. 😍😜

  3. Pierre is hot, but I find him to be corny and very white washed. Contrary to what you see on Instagram that dude stay kissing white ass.

        1. There use to be an escort ad up with his photos and verified reviews, but it’s since been taken down. The hotel selfies and constant traveling on his page had people going hmmmm. From what I hear, he’s a social climber and thirsty to get in to wealthy, elite Jewish circles in NYC.

          1. He’s hanging out with more black people now, so I think he may have gotten his “negro” wake up call in NYC. Wealthy, white people in NYC can spot a thirsty social climber a mile away.

          1. @axel8u

            Thanks for sharing the thread ’cause I got see EBATHANGS! Lol, and I liked it awl…surprised he’s cut tho. And I see what @Lyfe was saying about him. He does reek of the social climber type.

  4. His eyes tell me he’ll do anything for a come up. I know you posters yearn for men with his look, so I’m telling yall, start vetting these dudes. Look in their eyes. I just knew he was escorting before I even scrolled to the comments. I blame the gay community for glorifying looks because these fools think they’re above working jobs with benefits. Seriously in NYC there are very few guys who look like him and have enough humility to work regular 9-5s.

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