rip luke perry

it’s getting to the point where 90s icons are getting up there.
which means they will be leaving us soon.
some of us grew up watching their shows,
while others aren’t that familiar,
but they know who the person is if they saw them.
i didn’t know much about luke perry besides…

  1. having the face i’d imagine a teen heartthrob to have
  2. was on 90210
  3. recently starred as “fred andrews” on “riverdale”

luke perry passed away,
at the young age of 52,
due to a stroke he had over the weekend.

according to those he was around/worked with,
due to tweets and ig memorials,
he seemed to be very nice and had a good heart.
that is what makes me sad.
when folks have nothing but good things to say after you pass.
i imagine that your time here on earth should be like that.
as much as we embrace savagery and being OD petty,
those are not the things folks remember most when you leave this earth.
they will share the good times,
how you touched their lives,
how you treated strangers,
and what you taught them even for a brief moment.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – maya angelou

i hope luke is resting peacefully,
even it feel like it’s way too soon.
he will remain a 90s icon even if he didn’t realize it.

lowkey: besides “riverdale”,
i did remember this scene with him…

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “rip luke perry”

  1. Those 1990s shows on Fox captured all of the younger viewers back then. Too bad those shows didn’t feature many black male heart throbs… but yeah, Luke Perry had classic movie star looks. I was shocked at how badly he aged over the years. But he had a good life so RIP.

    1. Yeah, most of the cast no joke is aging fast too. I miss those shows especially the “Melrose Place” spin off from Aron Spelling that had the one black girl who was the gym instructor, Vanessa Williams and I loved her character and I wish we could have seen her progress but that cast was pretty messy on that show so i’m glad she left on good terms. The only black girl i remembered on 90210 was a young Vivica Fox, when she hit her car with Jason Priestly.

  2. His death is EXTREMELY suspicious to me. He changed his diet to combat a resurgence of colorectal cancer and was working out, regularly. A 90210 reboot was JUST announced and due to starring on Riverdale, he couldn’t commit to a series regular role, but would guest star.

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