Mo’Nique Has A Word for Those Who Banished Her To D List Hell

mo’nique is a very strong black vixen.
that strength and outspokenness can be off putting for some.
i remember she allegedly kicked up a lot of dust after that whole “precious” debacle.
it started allegedly with lee daniels and then allegedly oprah wasn’t fuckin’ with her.
i don’t know where tyler perry comes in at.
well it all led to her allegedly getting banished.
instead of fading away,
mo’nique kept working and doing her quietly.
well at the apollo theater in harlem last night,
for a mother’s day show,
mo’nique went completely off about all three who allegedly blackballed her.
this is what she had to say on stage via yeah i’m famous

everyone seems to be applauding her for not giving a fuck,
but i think she went too far.
now we don’t know the full story so maybe this is justified.
mo’nique could have also been a raging bitch too.
i’m all for everyone speaking their minds after adversity,
but the best revenge is always going to be success.
those words should be actions.
you don’t need to say “fuck you”.
moving on and doing well is the biggest middle finger you can give those who hurt you.

that being said,
it’s almost like you gotta walk on egg shells when it comes to blacks in higher positions.

what if mo’nique legitimately didn’t agree with those who allegedly banished her?
or is mo’nique “the example” of what happens when you go against the grain in black hollywood?

it made me wonder
not only do we need to be scared of whites in higher positions,

Do we gotta be cautious of the blacks in higher positions too?

lowkey: it’s surprising to me a lot of blacks don’t fuck with auntie o.
what did i miss?
i love her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

37 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Has A Word for Those Who Banished Her To D List Hell”

  1. Oprah and Tyler produced Precious.Lee Daniels directed Precious.She pissed them off when she didn’t want to promote the film for free.She wanted to be paid to fly over the country because she would have to give up the money she was making for her comedy shows.Also she feel she was underpaid.So yeah they probably said she isn’t a team player,you shouldn’t work with her,etc.

      1. True, but nobody knew Gabby until Precious…Monique was a household name then, at least in colored circles so she prolly felt she deserved more respek which = more $…

      2. I’m with Mo on this one. how dare they pimp her out for free while they are making millions on her promoting. They should have paid her something. precious may be getting some gigs but we don’t know if they are pimping her out too. when was the last movie Gabby had a major role. Empire isn’t popping like it was the first 2 years. if any of them are smart they may want to have their exit plan tight .

      3. Monique explained they offered her something(MONEY) but her husband and manager Sydney said it wasn’t enough, they couldn’t come to terms.Most Actors don’t get paid to promote their films.They get flown to the cities, hotel, per diem.Monique said in an interview she wanted them to fly her family, not just her, to France(Cannes) as in kids, nanny, etc. when they refused she didn’t go to Cannes to promote.As someone else said I think she thought she deserved to be treated like a “star” but to many people involved with the film she was “Monique Who?”😂

      4. It is so much more too this than you making it. She took a pay cut doing that film in the first place plus she worked with Lee Daniel several times being underpaid when she was a big star and he was a nobody director. Now when they hit the big time you don’t want to pay? Monique ain’t that chick by a mile. She built her brand from the bottom up basically by herself. Only to have somebody who said on a nationally syndicated talk show “she did not play game” try and destroy it! That seems to be the problem with the industry is especally with the black folk they seem to be hell bent on trying to keep you in your place. & at the same time expecting you to kiss their ass. You did not help her get it so how dare you try and take from her. Hell she is a comedienne! They suppose to do exactly what she did. I glad she is still standing. Met her a few times when she came through my city. She a real chick that will give you what you give her.

    1. Actually, Precious had been completed before Oprah and Tyler put there name on it… just a point of clarification.

      1. That’s true it was completed but it didn’t have a distributor until they provided promotional assistance and became producers on the film.Primarily because of them backing the film, Lionsgate distributed the film according to Lee.Some producers come in after a film is completed to help the film go to the next level.I know Brad Pitt and Plan B came in as producers after a film was completed to help it get distributed.I can’t remember which film right now.
        Anyway Tyler, Lee and Oprah are involved in too many projects to piss them all off😂😂,especially Oprah.She has a lot of projects with Ava Duvarney, tv and films Monique could be doing.

  2. IDK 😐

    I feel like there is some truth to what she is saying but I also feel like she’s the reason she doesn’t have the career she wanted. I remember when she was nominated for Precious and she had to Taraji and Terrence ( I think) on her talk showand she was asking them why does she have to do all this campaigning for the oscar shouldn’t her performance be enough. They were telling her that there’s a certain kind of game you have to play and she was sitting there looking so confused. I think monique doesn’t want to have To do any of that.

    But I’ve also heard stories about Monique being a diva , rude, and hard to get along with so I don’t know what’s the truth in any of this.

  3. She doesn’t like it when you compare her to Gabby.She says Gabby was a newcomer where she was a star of The Parkers so she deserved to be treated better in terms of money,perks,etc.I think she is also upset because she claimed Lee offered her Cookie role (Empire) and a role in The Butler but Oprah wanted the role.Also the studios didn’t want Monique because they heard she was difficult.Some of it’s sexism,some racism but some of it’s, her “mouth”.😂This video is not going to help her career,IMO.

    1. the butler was a mess. I had such high hopes for it, but never understood…
      How are you going to be alive during periods of slavery judging by the scene this is clearly meant to be before the emmancipation. Proclamation, AND still living to meet Obama?

      The opening scene is not entirely a portrait of the 1920s.

      It’s like Lee tried too hard to make this a film about the struggle. But it came off as being like a soap opera in its intent I’m not surprised it didn’t do as well.

      Also, I’m not going to lie, Monique does not seem like she has the greatest range. She was good in precious, but she seems limited, especially based on her prior work as well.

      1. They weren’t portraying slaves. They were sharecroppers which was a form of economic slavery that kept black farmers in debt to white landowners. So it actually was accurate for a black person in that time and place.

      1. Fox Studios didn’t want Monique for Empire because she was deemed “difficult” a white man deemed “diificult ” is treated differently than a black woman.That’s what a meant.Oprah ,Lee or Tyler couldn’t blacklist a white man who won an Oscar.Mo is calling them out but they don’t run Hollywood.

    2. The Parkers was a funny show, but it doesn’t mean shit to anyone in Hollywood. She didn’t win an Emmy or anything for that show lol. Movies are a whole different ball game.

    3. She proved this on a radio show a while ago with emails. She was suppose to be cookie and Wesley Snipes was suppose to be Luscious. Lee Daniel acted like he did not know what she was talking about. Lee Daniels been slick he took money from Damon Dash to do film called ” The Woodsman” and was suppose to cut Dam and his company in on the back end but pulled a fast hoping Damon Dash’s tax problems would land him in prison but it didn’t. Now I think he currently suing Mr. Daniels. Just cause they on top do not mean they not dirty.

    4. Lee didn’t just start being dirty so she should have protected herself.If you take a pay cut then demand points on the back end.Put it in the contract if you are already a “star”.
      She isn’t new,she knows how ruthless Hollywood is,nobody is loyal.So protect yourself.She has talked about how dirty show BUSINESS is, in interviews years ago.

  4. I’m all for being opinionated, but I think these comments are gonna come back to bite her in the ass. I agree with Jamari, the best revenge is success. Everything happens for a reason, and I honestly don’t think Monique would a have been the ideal person to play Cookie.

    1. ^agreed!!!!!

      i can see her seeing being cookie too.
      that would have been an interesting dynamic,
      but after all taraji went through with “person of interest”,
      im glad she got it.

    2. Shes a comedienne dear. This is what they do. Comedy is a whole different game. Just cause you don’t see them on Tv don’t mean they not working. Sommore stay working. She has not been in film or television in quite sometime. She loves stand-up if something else comes and its a fit shes open if not she always got the stage.

  5. To answer the question, yes I do believe that we have to be cautious of our own in higher positions.
    Some of them have a tendency to let the power go to their head, and then they feel they are “in” until they get that reality check, showing them that you may have “made it” but you will never be one of them. I’m a staunch believer in treating people well, because karma is a mofo!

    Also others may feel threatened or intimidated by someone “under” them, and will use tactics to make them look bad/incompetent, which is why I always tell people to cover their asses in whatever they do. People will smile in your face, but plot against you in the business world (especially if they see you on point with yours) AND in your personal life. Had it done to me, as I know others in the group have had the same done to them.

  6. Right on Monique, FUCK EM, they aint doing nothing to help you any damn way so call their asses out. The Black people applauding are the same ones who work on these jobs with racist ass Whites and back stabbing Uncle Tom Blacks, who do the most to keep you down or fuck with you all the time making the work place a nightmare. Tired of the damn double standard that white actors and actresses can be difficult but are excused because they are artist. Why we always gotta be nice and bite our damn tongues. All the Blacks in Hollywood with any power and clout are just as cutthroat as their white counterparts but got us here thinking they are sweet angels because they are painted in this angelic light in the Black media. Steve Harvey is a difficult Diva but he gets a pass. Monique is a good actress who can stand on the merits of her talents so she probably feels like she does not have to kiss ass. I have bit my tongue many a day, but not anymore, I have no more fukks to give about your feelings especially when you think you can do me any kind of way.

  7. This is how she feels… I mean… what does she really want? Has she been offers that she feels was an insult… and her counter offers too much? What is she looking for from hollywood…? I can’t believe she went after Oprah… Winfrey was her biggest cheerleader. Is she going to go after Queen Latifah for Bessie?

    1. Mo’Nique felt played by Oprah. Every since she went on her talk show years ago and felt her family ambushed her. Mo’Nique’s brother refused to acknowlege that he sexually abused her. Mo’Nique cut her family off completely after she became famous. She blamed Oprah for using her for ratings and not telling her the real deal why she was on her show. Mo’Nique has never forgotten what Oprah did to her.

  8. I don’t like Tyler Perry or Lee Daniels at all, but Monique is acting like she was brand new to this business.

    You’re in a Oscar nominated movie that is definitely the biggest break of your career and you don’t want to promote it?

    How can she expect the same pay or freebies when she had no decent roles before Precious?

    Acting is a job where you definitely have to earn your clout. Plenty of actors and actresses have had to take pay cuts for good roles that may give them more exposure, do their own make-up, pay for travel. Its a trade off until you get to the level where you can set your salary and terms.

    Sad because if she had just sucked it up, she would’ve likely been in more tv shows, movies with better parts instead of being basically right back where she started doing stand up and not even being as funny as she used to be.

  9. Don’t you love how this bitch doesnt seem to understand that she did it to herself. Shoulda promoted Precious and the Oscars bitch. Yo fault!

  10. She might not have understood the game that was being played, and so she played herself. At the end of the day though, success is not defined by how many leading roles you’ve had or awards you’ve won, but by how well you play the game and how the game is played around/for you. Look at Denzel Washington; I dare you to find a better actor or performer than he, and now go count his Oscars. It’s all a nasty game of keep-away. Denzel deserves an Oscar for many movies, most recently Fences; but he doesn’t have it… and yet he has A a full body of work. The point I’m making is the one that I think Monique was making; she wants her just do. Even if you say she was difficult, you could chop it up to her being naive and inexperienced to some degree, but she is still a hard worker. At that time she was on top of her game; having worked her way from stand up to a sitcom to a critically acclaimed role in a movie. What if she was just attempting to be assertive and speaking her peace as she has a right to do? In this case these upper level people of color could have simply not worked with her or cut ties, but Lee Daniels especially went the extra mile to label her “difficult”, which ensured that she would not work in Hollywood for a good while and limit her access. In my opinion she just spoke up too soon. Sometimes you have to invest to win and make those sacrifices, but some people are not aware of that. Perhaps she thought those days were behind her… At the end of the day I believe the damage is already done, so if she never realises her fullest potential because of one project that found her cast out, then I say speak your mind. Let them know how you feel. Oprah, Tyler and Lee are all humans just like anyone else and all of us need to be told the truth sometimes. You can take that whole dream and play keep away, but I still have a mouth that I’ll use to speak my peace instead of kissing y’alls behinds.

  11. I’m with Mo’nique on this all the way. Lee Daniels has proven himself to be nothing but a shady ass coon

  12. My main issue with Monique is in one interview she will say she wasn’t blackballed, she has gotten plenty of offers .In one interview,” I love my brother Lee Daniels” Then she will say he(they) can suck her dick.She has said she WASN’T blackballed in multiple interviews The Hollywood Reporter,Don Lemon,Radio interviews,etc.She has said her career is where she wants it to be,she is doing the projects she wants to do,so why bring up Oprah and Tyler about stuff that happened 7 years ago.Don’t waste your energy on them.
    Pay them Dust

  13. ‘Dis Tew Muuch!!! My mind is all over the place. I’m team Mo’ all day. For the same reason I didn’t join a frat, you will not beat brotherhood into me, and for this reason it is a LIFE STANCE that you will not make me grovel for gravy.

    It’s a BUSINESS. They could not come to terms, #so. But them bitter bitches wanna play BIG NIGGER on her (Thanks Noah – Underground). Not here for it. Fox – you’re aware of my ‘all black everything’ stance by now. Fuck HOLLYWOOD!

    Their ice is not colder, and their touch is not softer, no white anybody is in that habit of doing anything for anyone unless there is something to be gained; so no – white people’s awareness of her is not the ticket. As long as we keep believing that white dollars and white people are a pre-requisite to success, they will continue to mine us for their profit. The issue with Lee & Oprah is that they have allowed themselves to be positioned as gate-keepers FOR white hollywoood, and cut-down any negro that does not take to their seasoning. Ioun know about Perry, unlike both of them, he showed-up with an audience, $$ and is self-financed, so he doesn’t have to play ALL the games.

    Oprah is indebted to the jews who made her, and they essentially own the entertainment industry. Speaks for itself, she kisses the hand that fed her.

  14. On “The Talk” today they discussed Monique.Sharon Osborne claims one issue with Monique is she wanted to be paid to do magazine interviews,talk shows, etc and that just isn’t done.Also she wanted to bring several people with her when she would make tv appearances and wanted the talk show to fly them out.Monique’s friend Sheryl Underwood admits that Mo demanded stuff and may have been difficult but said other people in Hollywood are “difficult” but they still work.
    People need to learn that everybody can’t get away with the same stuff.Charlie Sheen can be difficult for years and still work.White man vs Black Woman.

    Sheryl said that she used to be on a list called “Life is 2 Short list”.Meaning people said life is too short to work with Sheryl.Because of her demands,because she would be argumentative,etc.At one point she was blacklisted.She had to reevaluate what she was doing and apologize to a lot of people and she was able to resurrect her career.

    She said she is concerned about her friend and mentor Monique.(Monique gave her her first stand up gig)But she thinks,she hopes, Mo can mend fences because Sheryl respects Monique, Oprah,Tyler and Lee.
    Personally I think Mo’s husband and manager is responsible for some of this because Sheryl said she had people making outrageous demands without her knowledge.I think Mo’s husband Sydney may be a part of the problem.

    Sheryl said when she and Monique started they said they were going to change the game or not play the game.They learned that you have to play the game or get out the game.Monique may have decided she has to get out the game and she started by telling Oprah ,Tyler and Lee to suck her 🍆if she had one😂

    At some point we all have to decide if we are going to play the game or quit the game.

    1. ^If they want that paycheck, they’ll go along with the game plan. We can’t all be Oprah and the other billionaires! We have bills to pay, so we gots to suffer! Lol

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