Robert Griffin III and The Rebound Plus 1

they never learn do they?
so we haven’t fonted about baller wolf,
robert griffin iii,
in a while.
last we fonted,
he was getting divorced from his high school sweetheart.
well he rebounded into another relationship with ^that snow bunny on his shoulder.
her name is grete sadeiko.
not so soon after the divorce from the first snow bunny,
he got grete pregnant.
she is 8 months.
well not only that

he proposed to her over the weekend on a beach in fort lauterdale.
i don’t understand the logic behind this.
straight wolves will jump into a new relationship,
shoot up in a uterus,
and do a whole marriage right after a failed relationship.
when it doesn’t work out,
they want to say “bitches ain’t shit”.
no you ain’t shit for being stupid.
i don’t even want to be around anyone after they beat in “mario kart”,
let alone rebound so quickly into another relationship.

not to mention robert griffin iii has no job

so then i’m thinking she is an idiot.
i’m sure this is going to be an exciting entry in about 2 years.
let’s hope they stay together for the long haul.
i wish them well.

lowkey: sometimes this is done to make an ex jealous and you end up getting karma.
i’d rather make an ex jealous with a supreme glo up.
i don’t need cubs to do so.

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Robert Griffin III and The Rebound Plus 1

  1. No comment about him except I predict he will be on his 3rd marriage within the next 3 years.

    But WTH is Iyanla wearing in that Gif.LMAO.😂

  2. This makes more sense if you remember that the head game our society plays on athletes, and other young men who get money and fame early in life, allows them to stay 15 years old for decades. At 15, you want the next nut, the next recognition, the next toy no matter what. Some of us grow out of it. The athletes often never do. This is why such people are best enjoyed from AFAR. There are few more dangerous people that someone who has been convinced that the rules don’t apply to him who isn’t getting the attention he once got.

  3. Black athletes ALWAYS ALWAYS have to fuck a white pussy to show status AND to ensure their cubs are half white making them acceptable in their eyes in thee future.

    I guess he has his type. not surprised a black nigga aint want no black pussy.

  4. If he wants to get into new relationships, then let him. For decades, athletes have been irrational as it pertains to their relationships, it is nothing new, nor surprising. Black women are not into women like Robert anyway, so it is not a surprise that he only dates white women.

  5. That Iyanla gif!!!! When the episode of Oprah aired, I cried laughing. Iyanla worked those cameras. Got all the sympathy by appearing homely.

  6. How much you want to bet he probably hates himself?

    He certainly has a talent for choosing white women that really don’t like him lol.

    They really brainwash black athletes with what I call “The Blindside” bullshit. White coach has a white savior complex trying to save black boys from the hood by convincing the playing football is the only thing they’re good for and in the process convinces them white is right. These colleges hand these black athletes loos white women on a silver platter to come play for them and they literally hand them a bullshit degree in Kinesiology, if they finish at all.

    My son would only play sports recreational, because that’s what sports are for…RECREATION…a hobby. How many of these black athletes are REALLY performing as well in school as they are on the court or the field? Most of the time these schools just give them the grade.

    The first wife is going to take a chunk of his money and this soon to be wife will finish him off. Lol

  7. Is it wrong that every time I see a picture of this ninja, like in the first image, I’m always like, wooow, I hope he’s at least a nice person, but rumor is he isn’t….he really should be… nice a/f, all the time, no rest………….

  8. Yo, J, Like the kid who cant behave when he goes into the candy store! Gotta have it. Hell, if we put a bag over his head…ate that bootay and put some hella throat on him ( cause he’s easy) bet he’d go out his mind!!! Had one like this before! Smh!

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