Is Tremaine Morphing Into “Wolverine” and No One Told Me?

when did your last name become “brown”?
help me understand?
so tremaine,
aka trey songz,
is trying to transition into “bad wolf” and failing miserably.
he allegedly got into it with a older vixen,
who we gonna “sandra” by her pics,
and she is claiming assault.
a vix-bi forwarded me to all this madness.
so “sandra” recorded tremaine’s brother allegedly getting into a fight via fameolous

why are these pineapples fighting on mother’s day?
i can’t even…
“sandra” claims tremaine and his bodyguard allegedly rolled up on her. they tried to take her phone and:

if this is true,


you can’t be on social media acting “woke af”,
and in the forests,
you acting like you still sleep.
that just doesn’t compute.

tremaine+acting a donkey=0

all fonted with love.
now get your whole life together.

lowkey: i did like how he hopped that fence with the “face” tho.

pictures and video cc: fameolous

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Is Tremaine Morphing Into “Wolverine” and No One Told Me?”

  1. #TheLibraryIsOpen Trey Songz, it’s time for you to take a step back and reevaluate your life before someone does it for you. It’s time for you to take a break from music and focus on other aspects of entertainment like acting or writing or producing songs for other artists. This “woke” side of you is whack. It’s pathetic that you have given your ear to the social medias and you know those “alternative fact” quoting hoteps are so wrong they’re right in their misguided rhetoric. Trey Songz, sit your tired washed up ass down somewhere! Your music hasn’t been hot since “Ready” and we were ready for that Trey to make love to us. Now that you got a new album out, what ever happened to the “Ready” Trey? The Trey that made our panties (boxers or boxer briefs) drop to the floor or the Trey that made sure the neighbors knew your name because of your love making skills.

  2. Keep up the fuckery C Breezy and Tremainisha…Bruno jus be cheesin n goin on tombout “That’s What I Like…That’s What I Like…”

    1. Exactly! Soon Bruno Mars will be the new “Trey Songz” of pop and R&B music along with Jason Derulo being the new Chris Brown.

  3. fuck this R.kelly clone sounding like a billy goat… he needed his bodyguard because in Philly his nut ass would have gotten trashed doing that by himself…

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