The Cubs Are Killing Themselves Now

the following story legit made me cry last night.
when i was around eight years old,
like ^that handsome cub up above,
i was bullied.
i didn’t know anything about suicide like the cubs of today tho.
well say goodbye to gabriel taye.
he was eight and killed himself due to being bullied in january.
  footage has been released that may explain why he took his life.
this is what cnn had to say…

Security footage shows her 8-year-old son, Gabriel Taye, falling unconscious at a Cincinnati school in an incident that may have led to the boy’s suicide two days later, an attorney for his family said.
Gabriel was found dead in January after he hanged himself with a necktie in his Cincinnati home, according to the attorney.

After his death, a Cincinnati police homicide detective reviewed security video from the boy’s school — Carson Elementary School.

In an email, the detective told school administrators he noticed an incident in a school bathroom before the boy died. The detective said he saw “bullying” and behavior that “could even rise to the level of criminal assault,” according to a copy of an email obtained by CNN.
The Cincinnati school district released the video Friday after media reports of the detective’s email surfaced.
School officials have said they decided to share the video with police even though the connection between the incident and the boy’s death remains unclear.

Still, Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco told a local radio station she wants the case reopened and investigated as a homicide, according to CNN affiliate WCPO-TV in Cincinnati.

“It was very hard for me to believe that an 8-year-old would even know what it means to commit suicide and so I asked Cincinnati police to treat this as a homicide until proven otherwise and investigate it fully,” Sammarco said in that radio interview.

In a statement, the boy’s mother said, “Gabriel was a shining light to everyone who knew and loved him. We miss him desperately and suffer everyday. His life was not only stolen from him, but from those of us who expected to watch him grow up and enjoy life. If I could, I would give anything to have him back.”

In the 24-minute-long video, Gabriel appears to be shaking hands with another boy in the entryway of a bathroom before he falls on the floor and lies motionless.

Children walk by the boy and over this legs. Some seemingly inspect and poke him for about five minutes until an adult enters the bathroom.

At least three adults enter the bathroom. They look at the boy, and some kneel down to get closer to him. Eventually, Gabriel stands up and leaves with the adults.

i cannot believe what i was reading and watching.
that video was heartbreaking to see him laying on that floor.
i just don’t understand.

What does an 8 year old know about suicide?

shows like “13 reasons why” highlight what bullying can do.
there seems to be a rise in suicides due to social media as well.
 all i know is we need to talk more about mental illness.
we got the “10 and under” check boxes taking their own lives.
God can’t fix this.
this needs to be addressed and there are many who need help.
i’m glad shows like “13 reasons why” are speaking out about this.
i know i will continue to address my own suicidal thoughts as well.
i pray gabriel is at peace now.
such a shame for a life to end that didn’t even begin.
lowkey: there are bullies in adult life as well.
 bullies are all over work environments now.
how do you even handle them?
you can’t punch them in the face.
article taken: cnn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “The Cubs Are Killing Themselves Now”

  1. I purposely didn’t email you this story because of the emotional state you were in.😢
    I hope this boy’s mother can get some answers to what happened , not just the day of this video but what he went through at that school.He was her only child I can’t imagine what the first Mother’s Day will be without her baby boy.🙏

  2. When I first heard about this I was just shocked and then mad. It took me back to that scene in moonlight when teenage Chiron goes and hits that bully with the chair and the teacher is standing there acting shocked. As if he wasn’t a first hand witnesss to the bullying that he was going through.

    I feel like these teachers and adults in the school don’t do enough to to stop bullying when it first happens. I also have a problem with the ” He’s only 8 what does he know about suicide?” Kids these days have sources to information right at their fingertips. It doesn’t take much for them to see ways others have dealt with bullying and such.

    My heart goes out to his mother and family and friends.

    1. When you mentioned kids have sources to information.I remembered a few weeks ago a 8 year old boy took his mom’s car and drove his 4 year old sister to McDonald’s.The police stopped him exiting the drive thru.He asked the boy how he learned to drive,the boy responded he watched Youtube videos.That’s how he learned to drive,he drove several miles from his house,made several turns…The only reason he was caught was the person working the drive thru noticed he was a kid and alerted the police.

  3. It was so disheartening to learn/see those kids stepping over him instead of someone going to get help!
    What the fuck?! Are they savages?! I get so angry and disgusted with our society as a whole when I hear/see stories like this. People are so detached and desensitized to situations now. Instead of helping, they are quick to take out their phones and start recording something as opposed to calling an ambulance or police.
    This is heartbreaking all around. An 8 year old killing himself! WTH?!

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