The Cubs Are Killing Themselves Now

the following story legit made me cry last night.
when i was around eight years old,
like ^that handsome cub up above,
i was bullied.
i didn’t know anything about suicide like the cubs of today tho.
well say goodbye to gabriel taye.
he was eight and killed himself due to being bullied in january.
  footage has been released that may explain why he took his life.
this is what cnn had to say…
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Premium Meat of my Minute: Isaiah Pead

^i love a fine wolf.

i mean, i have an addiction to good looking men.
for wolves, it all starts with your butt cheeks.
for me, it all starts with your face.
i am big on a handsome wolf.
one whose face stops me in my tracks ya know?
everyone, meet a wolf who literally made me crash…

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