pro – bring a bitch down who is a demon behind the scenes

The Situation

she was super pro-black/latina/fat/gay/trans/pronouns/everything.
she would use “-phobic” if someone didn’t agree with her.
you know folks love when someone is accused of having a “phobia”.
her stans flocked to her twicth streams because of her outspoken views.
i fell for it tbh.
woke folks tend to do that since they carry an air of “change the world”.
she was very unassuming and appeared to be friendly.
her friendships with other bigger streamers helped her too.
that was last year when things were all good.
i thought about her randomly because i haven’t seen her on twitch.
when i went to rummage around her socials,
she was gone.

TF happened?


The Outcome

she got banished.
she was allegedly using her platform to spew hate behind the scenes.
the same hate she often condemned publicly.
she was irl friends with another she-jackal who was doing it too.
they allegedly blocked others from getting opportunities.
it wasn’t until they fucked with the wrong one tho.
they bullied and harassed a gay streamer that ended up speaking up.
once one person spoke up,
everyone else found a voice to drag their bad behavior out of the closet.
when it came time for her to speak about it,
she didn’t take accountability and threw the same friend under the bus.
many of her stans were disappointed and called her out.
she tried to play the victim but it didn’t work.
someone else would expose her true character.
it was bad.
the woke social animals usually feast well when one goes down.
they ate her alive.

The Lesson

i don’t know why people build platforms,
start communities,
and lose it all getting exposed for their trash behavior behind the scenes.
when you choose a career path that puts you in front of the scenes,
you become a leader by default.
many people aren’t cut out for this because they aren’t good people.
you can’t hide your lousy behavior for too long.

This is why we see the real them when the honeymoon phase ends.
This is why we need to accept the red flags.
This is why we should accept some of the popular ones are terrible people.

This is why we get fooled by the “woke” or “social justice warriors”.

they think no one is looking or will tell.

It only takes one match for the gasoline you poured along the way.

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