honestly, nevermind on not giving my thoughts on drake’s new sh*t

people are scared to experiment.
males who want to experiment with males are a perfect example of this.
they have been dating vixens for so long,
why try something that may change their world?
why introduce something new when this life already works?
or does it?

many of us are set in our ways because things are working.
even if it’s not,
we don’t want to switch it up because of many things:

Scared to Fail
Embarrassment by Those Who May Drag Us

i was hype when drake announced he was coming out with a new album.

certified lover boy was mid for many of his fans.
i woke up today and before i could wipe the crust out of my eyes,
i had the album up on spotify.

He went full EDM/House/Gay Club on Our Asses

it’s as if passionfruit and controlla had kids.


there are only two tracks where he is rapping.
everything else is him singing to dance music.
he is getting dragged because everyone wanted “his usual“.

no cap:

I fuckin’ love the album

calling my name,
flight’s booked,
texts go green,

 a keeper,
and sticky are getting hella replay value from me but i fuck with it all.
it’s a vibe that i have had on repeat since this morning tbh.
the title of the album is dope too.
i’m in my “honestly, nevermind” era myself.


this is a good career move because he is crashing into a successful market.
folks joke that this is h&m and forever 21 music.

Do you know how many songs I’ve had to Shazaam when I’m shopping in a store?

this new album is gonna be played everywhere.

When you are at a club out of the country,
you’ll hear it set the vibe and energy.

The folks high off coke and ecstasy in the UK clubs are gonna OD to this.

The gays are gonna eat this shit up since it dropped during pride.

drake tried something different from his usual and i’ll allow it.
i hear beyonce’s new album will go in this direction too. 
watch everyone else jump on the wave because you know it’s coming.

lowkey: wasn’t there a time when techno shit was the wave?
chris brown and usher’s biggest hits were during that time.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “honestly, nevermind on not giving my thoughts on drake’s new sh*t”

  1. Bravo!! Did they forget his roots Acting , Canadian, Mixed Background ,Diverse !

    I like that he is not going to be pigeon holed into one category .

    BTW: Most actors want to be Singers/Rappers and visa versa.

    1. ^ i think everyone is used to him being a rapper that doing something he has always done,
      but in a larger body of work,
      is confusing but he has been doing this type of music.

  2. I miss when Kelly Rowland ruled the airwaves with When Love Takes Over, Commander and Forever And A Day. Nobody gives her credit for what others were credited for.

    Finding out house music was for the Black homos and not coked out white boys had me SHOOK.

  3. Jamari you hit the nail on the head with this post. I was thinking the exact same thing when I listened to it. Do you know how many plays these songs will get internationally?! This was definitely a smart move & W for Drake. He is very cerebral just like Beyoncé.

  4. Guess I will join the crowd because this is the Drake album I fool with. I actually BOUGHT this one…

  5. Yeah Issa no for me personally, glad for those that enjoy it, but yeah I like him as a Rapper more aswell, his voice is cute but he’s not a “singer” enough to me, to be able to carry a whole album in the monotone 1 octave range, plus I like hard beats

    1. Facts. I tried hard to like this album. I don’t hate it, but it doesn’t resonate … very “meh”

  6. Perfect album for Pride and the summer!! I’m here for it and yes I think he is telling us something with this lol. I love the tongue in cheek. I only like More Life and this one as albums, he’s always been a singles artist to me.

    Yass Beyoncé is definitely about to pay homage to the gays on her next album. That spread in Vogue said everything you needed to know and I’m ready to get me bodied 😂

    Finally music we can dance too cuz I can’t take all this sad in my feelings music.

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