Forgive Me (Foxhole)

tumblr_m05nd9kA291qijj8qplease forgive me.
last night,
i went to a workshop that i signed up for.
it was a while ago and i completely forgot.
well i got the reminder email yesterday.
it went from 6 to 9pm.
i was so tired,
but i tried to keep it together.
as i was in there,
pretending i was really paying attention,
i thought about my life as a whole

i want more.

somewhere along the line,
i slipped and fell in a very dark place.
i have definitely seen the light these last few days.
well it started months ago,
but as the weeks went on,
i see just how unhappy i actually am.
i even attracted myself to people who are probably not good for me.

2h82xx5i know.

i don’t know.
tonight i am tired AF,
but i’ll glady start once i get my gps back in order.
i am learning to just try and go with the flow.
its hard when you’re impatient and lonely.

lowkey: i watched “scream queens” today.
i missed it last night,
but i got the two episodes in.
i can say liked it.
the death scenes were weird and
it wasn’t what i was expecting,
but i’ll tune in.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Forgive Me (Foxhole)”

  1. First step is stating the problem, no need to apologize we understand you have a life and issue you’re going through.

    P.S. I wanted to see scream queen buts was at work and missed it 😩 I’m more pumped for American Horror Story Hotel!

  2. Don’t apologize… No one (well I hope no one) on here is judging you. We’re human. We slip. We fall. We get up. All of us. You’ll be aight bruh.

    (That gif kills me btw… Mad extra. Lmao. Maybe that’s part of her character on the show?)

  3. Same here. I went through one of those sleepless nights again. I feel that it’s not fair the I have to settle while others don’t. Also there also just a lot of negativity surrounding me that I can’t really control.

    But I missed Scream Queens though. I might try to catch it though. Have you seen Empire?

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