They All Want Her Manz

tumblr_mrph2wk3YC1qf64nso1_500i love meeting new people.
even tho i’ve been burned in the past,
i still hold out hope that not everyone is a bonafide asshole.
well i met a video vixen couple months ago at my job…

she isn’t a “big time” video vixen,
but she has done a few videos.
her side hustle,
or maybe this is her full time,
is doing hair and makeup.
i actually met her on a shoot at my job.
she was working on some clients,
but when i saw she had some free time,
i walked over and introduced myself.
its funny how bold i am with pretty vixens,
but when it comes to fine wolves,
i get shy and have no words.
well when they introduce themselves to me:

tumblr_mb75inQ65u1qmfh3wanyway we exchanged numbers and texted a lot.
she started to slow down communication because of work.
she also met a new wolf that she was entertaining.
her last wolf is a well known rapper we all know.
#dontask #wonttell

so she came in the office today and came over to my desk.
i stepped away for a good 20 minutes so we could catch up.
she told me about a situation that happened with her wolf recently.

well first of all,
he is fine as hell.
if you saw him in pubic,
you’d be like:

2wlvj15now this wolf isn’t in the industry so to speak,
but he does have a lot of followers.
its a mixture of vixens and gays.
the gays are winning tho.
anyway she was telling me how her wolf doesn’t mind his gay followers.
he often interacts with them.
she said he is very gay friendly.
at first it made her raise an eyebrow,
but after getting to know him,
she knew that he was 100% straight.

well the problem is,
some jackals have been harassing her!
he put up a picture of her on ig and they started hatin’.
it got so bad that she had to block a majority of them.
the worse was the email he got from a jackal.
the email was on some ol:

“i want you.
you gonna be mine.
fuck that bitch you with.
i’m taking you from her.”

Funny-Rihanna-GIFs…like what?
i cringed when she was telling me this story.
i told her not to feed into it.
as much as they want a reaction,
don’t give them one.

these jackals out here are out of control.
i guess thats what happens when you date a fine masculine wolf.
you should see them when i’m walking with work wolf.
ive seen a few stare him down.
hell i was helping him try on some clothes in a store,
and this jackal decided he wanted to interject himself in what we were doing.
he introduced himself and was acting like i didn’t exist.
the pineapple didn’t even work there!
i had to get nice/nasty,
but i def was about to go:

2bc9975626f95d501195bb01397ac1aai’m not the one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “They All Want Her Manz”

  1. Welp with such a small supply of fine wolves people get extra thirsty💦💦 lol

    P.S. Glad you’re networking at meeting new people

  2. See this is one of the reasons why some straight dudes block gays and don’t want them as a follower or a friend on social media. A few years ago my female cousin was hanging with this really ugly queen. A straight dude would hold a door for him or look at him for a quick second and he was like dude is gay or I’m going to turn him out, it was truly annoying and sad to watch. Dudes threatening your vixen friend is pathetic and very ignorant. If a dude is straight he is not going to fall for a gay guy no matter how cute he is don’t be mad at his girl.

  3. I think women are just as thirsty.A couple of weeks ago Jussie Smollett was in Houston, a guy tweeted to Jussie that he had his gag reflex ready.Jussie replied ” you nasty, you need Jesus #whereyouat?.The next day a girl tweeted she wanted to eat Jussie’s booty like groceries when he was in Dallas.Thirst comes in all genders.
    Gotta go, Empire is on

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