Welcome Back To The Lyons Den

11875373_586959514778264_1653170263_ni am tired as hell,
but i would have taken 10 no-doz just to watch my favorite show.
that would be none other than #empire.
the lyons are back and i have a few thoughts…

i was a little sketchy on all the cameos.
i felt like the cameos were overruling the story line.
empire worked wonders when it was just the cast last season.
the focus was a good plot,
greater shock value,
and even better one liners.
now that everyone and their mama wants to be on the show,
i think it would dumbed down this season.
that was my fear.
at the luscious block party,
where al sharpton and don lemon randomy showed up,
i will admit i got a little nervous.
don’t even get me started with cookie in that gorilla costume.
it quickly got into the story line.
thank god.

i also glad they are making jamal “bad” this season.
did you see how he grabbed dora’s hair?
i could have done with some “wolf on fox” action.
you know he to’ that booty up.
this line tho:

“you can’t even dyke right”

1rub94boo boo kitty seems to have no shame tho.
i’m mad everyone was wondering who head that was in the box.
we was all confused.

it seems the plot this season is “war”.
i’m sure that is about to get real interesting.
i hope they don’t overshadow the plot with all random celebs.
other than that,
lets hope they bring it!
i will def be tuned in.

…Will you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Welcome Back To The Lyons Den”

  1. Man I got into the show when luscious had Chris Rock (by the way horrible casting and not believable performance) killed that was gangsta. I think the show had a bit of a dry start I was like wtf? It shows how important Terrence Howard is to the project cuz Taraji can’t stand alone as a lead her storyline starts getting repetitive. Also I thought the show was trying a little too hard with the gay aspect I think they should take it slow I get that they want shock value but you know…maybe it’s just me. But great ending and the next episode looks very promising.

    1. I concur with you Brigo. I love the show but parts I feel Lee Daniels is DOING TOO MUCH. I get the point but it’s starting to feel contrived and not flow naturally as MEDIA ART should.

  2. The opening scene was wack with the cameos.I’d give the rest of the episode a B.I liked the scenes with Jamal and Michael.Im tired of gay characters being treated like they are aexual.I think its funny that people are saying the gay scenes are too much.Yet nobody had issues last year with Hakeem’s sex scenes with Camila,Tiana and Anika.Michael and Jamal were fully dressed and only kissed a few times.My only issue was the number of times “bitch” was used i.e black bitch, lesbian bitch, etc

    1. “Im tired of gay characters being treated like they are aexual.I think its funny that people are saying the gay scenes are too much.Yet nobody had issues last year with Hakeem’s sex scenes with Camila,Tiana and Anika.Michael and Jamal were fully dressed and only kissed a few times”

      YES! YES TO ALL OF THAT! You could see right through the BS when people complain about empire having gay Character’s. I hate it people try to wrap their homophobic BS with diamonds.

      1. I agree. Some of my straight friends on social media were tripping over all the “gay sex” on Empire. Usually these are middle-age black women (who ain’t getting no dick themselves and are just haters anyway).

        First of all there was no gay sex. You didn’t see Jamal and Dora in bed nor Anika getting that pussy ate out by Mimi Whiteman (ummm white…man…are writers sending a subliminal message about how white people exploit and sexualize black culture).

        So straight people need to get over it.

        Plus I like the way the show is inserting gay culture as just another kind of humanity, which it is. Lee Daniels showed the tension between feminine and flamboyant gays (Ms. Lawrence) versus more masculine gays (Jamal).

        All in all a good episode. I agree with Jamari that Chris Rock was way miscast. I have met him. Dude is like five feet five and weighs 130 lbs soaking wet. He is a petite Negro. I thought he was going to do a comedy routine at any moment.

        They should have modeled the character more after Suge Knight.

        Some of the lines were priceless:

        Cookie to Boo Boo Kitty: “You can’t even dyke right”

        Ms. Lawrence: “Won’t he will?”
        Rebecca: “Will he won’t?”

        In the end Jamari is right though. This show needs to settle down just bit, drop a lot of the cameos (Rev Al looks like a deflated — Don Lemon needs to give him what he is eating cuz that airhead is gaining weight!) and focus on good drama.

  3. Definitely here for the show. I’m getting more tired of people comparing power and empire. They’re two different shows. These homophopbic pineapples never cease to amaze me. Can’t lie though 50 cent knows how to grab attention. I swear he’s a lowkey hyena.

    1. I’m glad Jamal is back with Dora – i mean Micheal. I already forgot about the other guy Jamal was messing with. Dude had like a couple scenes anyway (I really forgot he was on the show), he won’t be missed. Did ya’ll peep how whack “Anita” looked trying to twerk??? i just had laugh for a bit cause she was serious.

  4. Just came from a watch party and my thought is that this show is easily slipping into being campy and over the top. The Chris Rock casting was horrible, and some of the plot lines are not making sense and were all over the place. When did Dora jump back on the scene? Some of the people at the watch party tonight was like what happen to the Black love interest, and why did he have to be a Ho. That scene with Ms. Lawrence was just too much, I am like this is turning into a show that every single person in Hollywood and Reality TV will get to make an appearance on and Im not here for it. These cameos seem thrown in and contrived. I hope they will concentrate more on the story and not these over the top moments every episode.

  5. Am I the only one that thought the episode was good? It’s the very first episode, I wasn’t expecting to know everything that was going on in one episode, I knew I’d be confused. They have to grab viewers, so of course there’s about to be more celebrities, it’ll settle down after a couple of episodes. I personally thought the gay scene had the effect it aimed for, we saw Jamal pull his hair and everyone was shocked and knew something was off.

    One thing I know I’m happy about is the music so far. It sounded like actual music instead of some lifetime album. I hope it stays this way, but of course the music is going to be on point for the first episode.

  6. Frankly I think the show was a bit too much tonight. It’s becoming a Mish Mash of a lot of plots that seem to go no where.
    What happened to Smollett black love interest?. I am left feeling unsure about the show, where it’s heading. ..I hope the it doesn’t kill itself with the Amt of plot lines involved.

    1. Focus groups preferred Jamal/ Michael coupling.I thought Ryan was cute but I couldn’t understand what he was saying due to his accent.Jamal will probably get another love interest this season based on some comments by the actor who plays Michael.It won’t be smooth sailing.
      On another nope I missed the Donnie McClurkin diss.But Donnie’s supporters let him now.He posted some bible verse about the writers on Empire and he tagged Lee Daniels on Twitter.
      I don’t know why ya’ll won’t leave Donnie alone he is “Ex-Gay”.

  7. “you cant even dyke right” had me on the floor rolling!!! literally!!! Thank God for twitter. They showed that head too quick. we were both lost. But honey Luscious is the man! Last season was the bomb and this season is off to a great start.

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