Saying Sorry Just For Show

tumblr_nrbzqig0BW1s9lptno1_500so this little spat with nicki minaj and taylor swift came to an end today.
taylor swift did this

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 7.34.32 PM

tumblr_m99pmoL1Qq1qi7kv4o1_500…in which nicki minaj responded with this:

nickitweetsyou peep that “@katy perry” tweet.

giphyshe ain’t slick.

well taylor pulled out a good chess move with that one.
if nicki didn’t respond,
it would have made her look childish.
nicki’s response was perfect because she showed her love,
while still throwing a dart at her head.
everyone expected these vixens to go at each other like a reality show reunion.
dropping the “s” bomb makes you look more mature.
it may appear “soft” and “weak” to others,
but if you know you’re wrong,
its the best tactic.
plus it puts the other person on the spot.
if they’re a hot headed hoodrat who won’t accept the apology,it shows people exactly how petty they are.
anyway good game vixens.

tumblr_inline_nrkccnybfs1qf0ii6_500until next beef…

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Saying Sorry Just For Show”

  1. Yeah Taylor knew this could shun her from other celebs so saying sorry was the best move career wise.

      1. Taylor Swift’s entire image is a PR move. She bills herself as this country bumpkin that taught herself the guitar and writes all of her songs.

        So many lies. Her daddy was a well paid investment banker in Connecticut that moved his family to Nashville and bought her a career. Also, Taylor has the same writers that Britney Spears uses.

        I’m willing to bet Taylor doesn’t even run her twitter or social media.All PR stunts.

        Then that whole “Taylor stood up to Apple and they backed down” B.S. that her PR team came up with, is a joke.

        This current generation of pop stars are so mediocre, it’s a joke.

      2. Meant to say Pennsylvania. Her daddy is First Vice President for Merrill Lynch. I’m sleep, though.

        Also, speaking of shady dealings in the music industry: Keep your eye on 300 Entertainment. A record label funded by Google and Israeli investors. Young Thug, Fetty Wap, Migos and more are all signed to them. When in the history of rap have major companies and foreigners invested in a record label?? Notice how Drake has features on all of their hits.

        Young Thug is a drugged out mess they couldn’t get to replace Lil Wayne. Mark my words and this post, Fetty Wap is next in line to pushed. They’re going to have to find a way to get him to connect with white, middle-America kids, though. I just can’t see it happen. Black women love him, though.

        It will be interesting to see will drop the next major-selling album.

  2. She really didn’t have to apologize. No one was buying that race card Nicki was trying to play and the media would side with Taylor Swift before Nicki anyway.

    The fact is Taylor Swift IS talented, especially when compared to pop stars of the past. She has the album sales to back it up when everyone else is struggling to sell 500k for one album.

    “Bad Blood” was actually a well done video and she might actually win and then who will have the last laugh?

    1. Jay, I agree that Nicki was completely wrong to think her video for Anaconda deserved anything. Throwing in race and body images made no sense and was desperate, She was kind of on to something, but didn’t quite articulate it.

      The song is trash and the video is an embarrassment. However, I hope you understand the industry very shady politics Nicki was up against with her second album.

      She was set to be replaced by Iggy Azalea. Even T.I., cosigned Iggy’s greatness. It didn’t help that Nicki has a horrible attitude. It did help that Iggy showed her entire ass on social media. Nicki EVENTUALLY won that war. But this was all because Iggy couldn’t control herself on social media. Going against Steve Madden and Britney Spears were the final two nails in her coffin. Let the media tell it, Iggy was this persecuted white girl, being attacked.

      I’ll give props to Taylor Swift for maintaining her spot for this long. They love to build you up, only to tear you down. Ask Rihanna.

      I also hope you see the hypocrisy of Taylor tweeting Nicki about ‘females sticking together,’ when Taylor’s current hit single was a calculated attack against Katy Perry. Wonder who’s going to perform at the Superbowl next year? Hmm.

  3. i don’t think Taylor had to apologize Nicki acted as if she did something that was historical…you made a video with you in the jungle shaking your ass lol im a fan of nicki’s but im keeping it 100…and honestly VMAS are based on popularity Taylor has a bigger fan base than nicki…like Jay-Z said men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t….then nicki tried to use the ‘they only celebrate women who are thin’ statement but i was like nicki you were a thin woman who purchased all of our your assets so that argument is invalid..i’m tired of certain artists trying to use the race card in regards to awards like the VMAS…this isnt the grammy’s this is a fucking vma lol it’s not even that deep…i feel this was a publicity stunt if i was taylor i wouldn’t have apologized…

  4. I agree she didn’t have to. I am no way a Nicki Minaj fan but come on… race sometimes do play a role in the success of an artiste.

    Now I’m not pulling the race card saying fans or music lovers are racist but white America especially white Suburban America gravitate more towards white artiste vs others.

    Eminem will have a bigger debut than JayZ, Taylor will have a bigger debut than even Beyonce and. Justin Timberlake will sell more than Usher.

    Let’s not forget 2014 Grammy Awards Macklemore over kendrick Lamar…even Macklemore agreed that Kendrick Lamar should have won.

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